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April 29, 2021Power and Technology

EV Infrastructure Build-Out: Utility and Regulatory Coordination | Webinar

Utilities play an important role in the future growth of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and in managing the potential strain that charging stations can have on the electric grid. While many states are exploring how utilities can support clean energy goals by incentivizing EV charging infrastructure, regulators and utilities must coordinate efforts to achieve both scale and equitable access.

July 20 - 21, 2021Power

Green Hydrogen | Digital Access

Green hydrogen represents one of the largest economic opportunities for the next 30 years, an assessment based on both widespread investment activity and fundamental trends. Driven by international actions to combat climate change, it has the potential to revolutionize numerous value chains in the energy industry and, more broadly, across both mobility and manufacturing sectors.

April 27 - 28, 2021Finance & Investment, Solar, and Wind

Hedging for New Use Cases: Battery Storage, Proxy Generation, and Affiliate Swaps | Digital Access

This intensive course is your opportunity to learn the contractual frameworks involved in bespoke hedge agreements as cutting-edge financing for renewable energy projects, and gain a working understanding of how to use these structures and provisions for new use cases as they arise. This course delineates the interests, concerns and requirements of all participants in a hedge agreement negotiation and the entire discussion will be underpinned by contemporary real-world case studies to illustrate the details.

May 5 - 6, 2021Finance & Investment and Power

Understanding & Executing Utility Build-Transfer Transactions | Digital Access

This Master Class will provide attendees with a deep dive into the critical issues faced by developers, utilities and other key stakeholders in build-transfer transactions. It will examine and analyze the most up-to-date strategies practitioners are employing to overcome these challenges, considering all issues from both the utility and developer perspective. It will also offer specific examples of contractual frameworks that have been used in recent transactions.

June 2 - 3, 2021Power and Technology

Zero-Emission Fleet Infrastructure Planning | Digital Access

This practical two-day Master Class provides a comprehensive overview of clean fleet transitions and administers a step-by-step guide to electrification with concrete, real-world examples. Attendees will learn how to avoid unpleasant surprises that lead to increased timelines and expenses, and also grasp the options for a phased transition, making the process easier by tackling it in stages rather than all at once.