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Over a dozen startups have appeared in the last year aiming (or claiming) to leverage artificial intelligence-based analytics for the distributed grid – in tune with the broader excitement about the potential impacts of AI on data-intensive industries – which is to say, nearly everything.

This introductory overview webinar will survey the major application areas targeted by these startups, as well as explore some of the few known adoptions of AI by utilities thus far.

Webinar participants will learn:

  • Varying application cases: AI for customer energy usage vs. grid assets monitoring vs. for renewable generation volatility vs. power generator internal asset optimization/automation
  • How are different application areas suitable for one over another AI sub-method
  • Perspectives on value to be driven from utilities’ vast structured and unstructured databases
  • What is required to integrate AI capabilities for an organization – how to evaluate whether to work with an outside service provider vs set up an internal pilot or permanent program

Shawn Chandler
Director, Energy

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