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Advanced Analytics for Asset Control and Optimization

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Deep Reinforcement Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that allows machines to learn control and to take actions. Asset Management and Optimization are the natural application of DRL due to its ability to capture complex dependencies and choose optimal actions in real time.

Unpacking the DER Tech Stack

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“Distributed Energy Resources” or “DERs connotes a variety of energy sources on the grid, typically consumer- based assets. Delivery of these energy assets increasingly relies on a complex “stack” or set of layers of software, communications, protocols, standards, firmware, and hardware controls. This “DER Stack” is in a state of ongoing evolution as the underlying technologies evolve and the market grows for granular, bi-directional flows of electrons.

Additive Manufacturing Opportunities in Aerospace Outlook

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The benefits of additive manufacturing have been widely acknowledged for the past few years. However, the industry has leapt past the phase of rapid prototyping and is now actively engaged in the creation of end-use production parts. Aerospace OEMs are now hungry for more applications such as machines, materials, and software mature.

AI for Energy

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Over a dozen startups have appeared in the last year aiming (or claiming) to leverage artificial intelligence-based analytics for the distributed grid – in tune with the broader excitement about the potential impacts of AI on data-intensive industries – which is to say, nearly everything.

3D Printing in the Next 5 Years


Chris Labelle | Mosaic Manufacturing

Over the next 5 years, 3D printing will evolve from a manufacturing technology that is used in isolation to one that forms an essential component of new manufacturing processes.

BMW Launches First of 100 EV Charging Stations in National Parks


National Park Foundation

Calling on the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship of Thomas Edison, the first of up to 100 electric vehicle charging stations in national parks and nearby communities across the country was switched on Apr 19 at Thomas Edison National Historical Park, site of Edison’s West Orange, New Jersey, laboratory and home.

Energizing the Future with Blockchain

Blockchain is the technology underlying the sometimes infamous virtual currency, Bitcoin. However, applications of blockchain technology go well beyond virtual currencies and are poised to bring big changes to a variety of industries, including the energy industry.