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Impacts of the Tax Law Change on the Solar Industry


The entire solar industry has been focused on the potential (and actual) impacts of tax law change on the tax equity market since President Trump was elected. Despite efforts to steer the President away from solar tariffs, we should know whether that tree actually bore fruit in the near future. Regardless, sponsors have addressed the potential for changes in various ways. In this webinar, we’ll catch everyone up on what Congress was (or wasn’t) able to accomplish and how the industry is reacting – both in their documents and at the water cooler.

How to Enhance Customer Engagement in the Texas Power Market

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The Public Utility Commission of Texas has been exploring changes to price formation in ERCOT’s market. What would the impacts to customers be for the proposed changes that include real time co-optimization of energy and ancillary services, marginal losses, and locational reserves? What advantages could ERCOT’s unique “energy only” market, with an Operating Reserves Demand Curve for resource adequacy, bring for customers? Will alignment with other successful market features pave the way for new opportunities?

Community Choice Aggregators and the Changing California Power Market

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According to CPUC’s estimates, 85% of electricity load from the IOUs will be served by other sources such as Community Choice Aggregators and rooftop solar by the mid-2020s. CCAs have an ambitious vision of procuring power for their customers from new, locally-sited solar, wind, geothermal and other renewable resources in order to boost job creation, support local economies, reduce GHG emissions and fight climate change.