Frustrated by trying to influence others, navigate conflict, or lead efficient meetings?

Space startups have many challenges–funding, aerodef prime relationships, collaboration with incumbents, etc. Internal and external conflicts can also greatly impact the company’s future.

This webinar will give you four practical, rubber-meets-the-road keys to effectively debate, manage conflict, and drive decisions within the fast-paced pressures of a Space Startup. These apply both within your company and with vendors, suppliers and partners.

These four keys create a simple yet highly-effective way to structure your conversations–especially in the face of conflict. The approach is based on best practices in negotiation, persuasion, and conflict resolution. It also supports maintaining an innovative culture as your company scales.

The presenter: Jason Gore is an executive coach at Neuberg, Gore & Associates. He supports leaders at high-growth startups build their capabilities and scale their companies. For 20 years, Jason has led leadership programs for the Fortune 500, the DoD, and NASA. He has coached startup executives at Orbital Insight, Autodesk, SOLS, Teespring, VSCO, and others. Jason also taught Negotiations at Harvard Law as a TA. In his personal time, Jason flies gliders and single-engine aircraft.

Special Guest: James Crawford, founder and CEO of Orbital Insight, will share his experience of navigating conflict and decision-making. James has worked on innovative software projects for two decades, leading Google Books, managing robotics at NASA’s Ames Research Center, and now transforming images from space into macroeconomic knowledge at Orbital Insight.

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