Blockchain is the technology underlying the sometimes infamous virtual currency, Bitcoin. However, applications of blockchain technology go well beyond virtual currencies and are poised to bring big changes to a variety of industries, including the energy industry.

This webinar will provide a non-technical, easy to understand explanation of blockchain technology, as well as describe blockchain applications that are being developed or are proposed for the energy industry.

The webinar will also highlight issues that utilities and regulators will likely encounter as blockchain-based applications are deployed in the energy sector.

  • What is blockchain and how is it different from Bitcoin?
  • What are “smart contracts” and how do they work in conjunction with blockchain technology?
  • Applications of blockchain technology to:
  • Improve back office functions for energy trading
  • Facilitate the deployment and use of distributed energy resources, microgrids, and electric vehicles
  • Monitor energy infrastructure
  • Track renewable attributes

Molly Suda

Ben Tejblum

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