Understanding, Evaluating and Mitigating Congestion & LMP Basis Risk - Presented by Infocast

The Definitive Master Class on Understanding, Evaluating and Mitigating Congestion and LMP Basis Risks Returns in a Live, In-Person Format to Provide a Deep Understanding of How to Assess, Quantify, and Mitigate Congestion and Basis Risk in Today’s Energy Markets

Basis and congestion risk remains as one of the most formidable challenges faced by developers of renewable projects today. The ability of renewable projects to handle this critical issue is a make-or-break issue for the success of new and existing projects.

Infocast has organized this unique Master Class on Understanding, Evaluating and Mitigating Congestion & LMP Basis Risk to provide attendees with the technical sophistication to accurately quantify basis and congestion risks for a renewable power project, to evaluate alternative mitigation options, and to minimize any impact of congestion and basis risk on future project revenue.

No other course will provide attendees with the truly in-depth quantitative discussion that will be presented here of the methods, analysis, and due diligence processes that must be used in today’s energy markets to address basis and congestion risk—as well as how to incorporate basis risk mitigation strategies into each phase of project development.

This is the only course that provides a real-life example of an early-stage congestion and basis risk study and walks attendees through a real-world comprehensive due diligence study for congestion and basis risk.

The course will also provide an in-depth analysis of how the $28 billion allocated towards transmission-related infrastructure will impact renewable power project interconnection queues, and in turn affect power pricing, cost and risks. It will also survey how basis risk is being handled in today’s cutting-edge deals, as well as pinpointing the market protocol and regulatory changes that can impact basis exposure.

This meeting, attended by hundreds of participants and given the very highest reviews over the past two years, is your best opportunity to completely master this critically important topic. Don’t miss it.



The curriculum has been designed to allow professionals to fully grasp today’s most important topics, including:

  • The mechanics of LMP calculation, marginal losses and mitigation options
  • How basis risk is being handled in transactions
  • How extreme weather events, pandemic disruptions, supply chain issues, trade wars and political uncertainty have affected risk and cost
  • The market protocol and regulatory changes that can impact basis exposure




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  • Lead Instructor

    Rob Cleveland
    Managing Director, Transmission Planning & Analysis


    Dhruv Acharya
    Managing Director

    Contributing Instructors

    Drew Golder
    VP, Transmission and Regulatory

    Tim McGinnis
    Director, Transmission Congestion Analysis

    Kent Riley
    Manager, Finance & Strategy



Live Q&A and discussion following each session

September 8, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 5:10 PM CDT

Understanding Locational Marginal Prices and Basis Risk
Addressing Basis and Curtailment Risk across the Project Life-Cycle
The Mechanics of LMP Calculation and Marginal Losses
Reviewing and Understanding Specific Real-Life Congestion Examples

September 9, 2022 | 7:30 AM - 1:30 PM CDT

Assessing LMP Basis Mitigation Options
Congestion & Basis Risk in Today’s and Tomorrow’s Markets
Understanding Congestion Studies
How Basis Risk is Being Handled in Transactions

Nuanced, up-to-date, forward-looking, and contextually presented, the class expanded the depth of our firm’s competency for financial transactions.

- Greg Poulos, CEO, ArcVera Renewables

The Master Class was very efficient, educational, effective and productive, and I will do more of these regardless of if we are traveling and going to in-person.

- Peter Blood, Founder and Managing Partner, CYCLE




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