Understanding, Evaluating and Mitigating Congestion and Basis Risk - Presented by Infocast
  • Develop a Deep Understanding of How to Assess, Navigate and Mitigate Curtailment and Basis Risk

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Basis and curtailment risk are among the greatest challenges faced by developers of renewable projects today. The impacts of unexpected basis risk (the difference in the energy price between a project location and its contracted point of delivery) and/or unanticipated energy curtailments can upend project economics and lead to distressed projects. Understanding how transmission congestion drives basis risk and the potential steps to mitigate impacts are critical to navigating these risks.

Developers, investors, lenders and others need the ability to make intentional, informed decisions during project development and investor due diligence that align with their internal tolerance for basis risk. This course provides the basic tools for understanding congestion, evaluating basis and curtailment risks, considering mitigation options, and minimizing exposure to future project revenue.

The Understanding, Evaluating and Mitigating Congestion and Basis Risk Virtual Master Class will provide a deep understanding of the methods, analysis, and due diligence processes currently in place to address basis and curtailment risk.

Attendees will be able to explore specific issues and challenges faced by fellow participants, with instruction from industry-leading instructors with deep experience in analyzing transmission congestion impacts. Attendees will leave the course with a foundational understanding of the issues and concrete tools to incorporate into internal due diligence processes.

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  • Gain a deep understanding of the history, purpose, benefits and flaws behind the implementation of LMP
  • Assess impacts of future generation and transmission on basis and curtailment risk from congestion
  • Identify the best strategies to mitigate congestion in order to minimize its impact on your project
  • Apply your acquired knowledge on basis and curtailment risk across the entire project life-cycle


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  • Exclusive access to the Lead Instructor one week after the conclusion of the Master Class
  • Receive personal attention from the Lead Instructor for questions unique to you

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  • Engaging and interactive live discussion and Q&A after each session
  • Live participation: submit questions and comments in real-time for our expert Instructors

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  • Attend remotely from wherever you are - from home or at the office
  • Unlimited access to premium class content, sessions and materials

Class Outline

The curriculum has been designed to allow professionals to fully grasp today’s most important topics, including:

  • Examining how Locational Marginal Prices (LMP) are calculated
  • Identifying what “Security Constrained Economic Dispatch” means
  • Obtaining tools and methods to analyze basis and curtailment risk
  • Learning how to incorporate basis risk into each phase of project development
  • Analyzing how basis risk may vary across different regions and markets
  • Recognizing how to understand and utilize congestion studies



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Rick Hunt

Rick Hunt is an energy markets expert and consultant focused on energy planning and analytics and nodal market simulation, with over 25 years of experience in the industry. His specialties include nodal market simulation data development, locational marginal price forecasting, economic transmission evaluation, energy markets research and evaluation, wind energy integration and curtailment, and PROMOD IV. Prior to joining Leidos, Mr. Hunt was a product manager at ABB Enterprise Software (FKA Ventyx), where he managed development of data content for the energy market simulation models PROMOD IV, Market Power, Market Analytics – Zonal Analysis, and GridView. In that role, he also developed simulation content, managed data processes, simulation benchmarking and results production, and energy prices for the ABB Power Reference Case. A graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Mr. Hunt holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.


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