Renewables, Wholesale Electricity Markets & The Energy Transition - Presented by Infocast

The Only Master Class Focusing on a Market-By-Market Breakdown of the Opportunities for Extracting Value and the Associated Risks in Each Regional Market

Today’s renewable projects have greater exposure than ever to regional power prices, and with the increased opportunities come corresponding risks--including extreme weather events, changes in the political and regulatory environment and the increasing complexity of off-take arrangements. Moreover, projects with 25+ year useful lives need to consider not only today’s issues but the likely evolution of future market prices.

To address these factors, Infocast has designed the only available Master Class — Renewables, Wholesale Electricity Markets & The Energy Transition - focusing on the unique intersection of renewables and regional power markets. This unique Master Class will provide a market-by-market breakdown of the opportunities for extracting value and the associated risks in each regional market today…and in the future.

This Master Class will also the most in-depth analysis publicly available on how today’s cutting-edge deal structures will interact with the risks and opportunities of wholesale markets around the country.

The Class will also provide an informed forecast of the upcoming price impacts of greater regional solar and battery storage penetration, of the vast buildout of offshore wind on both coasts, and how regional markets will be impacted by foreseeable technology and policy innovations affecting long-term storage, hydrogen, and carbon capture as well.

For those who want to be armed with successful strategies for extracting value today and well into the future, this course on Renewables, Wholesale Electricity Markets & The Energy Transition is a not-to-be missed opportunity.



The curriculum has been designed to allow professionals to fully grasp today’s most important topics, including:

  • How regulatory, policy and market fundamentals changes are affecting renewables in wholesale power markets
  • How renewables’ links with power markets are impacting transaction structures and the quantification and allocation of risks
  • How the expansion of solar, offshore wind and energy storage will impact potential revenue streams and opportunities in markets
  • Evaluation of the impacts of market structures and key factors, including the capacity mix, generation mix, and the prospects for new capacity additions, on forming successful strategies to extract value from renewables in each market




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  • Lead Instructor

    Lee Van Atta
    Vice President, Energy & Infrastructure Consulting

    Contributing Instructors

    Timothy Heinle
    Vice President, Business Development

    Brian J. Kelly

    David Perez
    Head of Power Origination/ Business Development



Live Q&A and discussion following each session

September 7, 2022 | 7:30 AM - 4:45 PM CDT

US Renewables and Power Markets: Understanding Market Transformation, Structures and Key Distinctions
Current Regulatory and Policy Issues and their Impact on Renewable Participation in Wholesale Power Markets
Solar’s Impacts on Wholesale Power Markets…And Vice Versa
Battery Energy Storage: Interactions with and Impacts on U.S. Power Markets
Offshore Wind: Integration Challenges and Impacts of the Approaching Vast Build-out on Wholesale Power Markets
Assessment of the ERCOT Market—Policy Shifts, Risks and Pricing
Renewables and the Western U.S. Markets—Assessing Opportunities and Challenges to Meet Low-Carbon Policy Goals

September 8, 2022 | 7:45 AM - 12:00 PM CDT

Assessing the Opportunities for Wind, Solar and Storage in the Central U.S. Markets (MISO and SPP)
Prospects for Renewables in the Southeast Markets (SEEM, SERC, TVA, Florida)
Spotlight on the Emerging Opportunities and Risks for Renewables in the “Merchant” Eastern U.S. Markets (PJM, NYISO, ISO-NE)
Renewable Deals: Understanding the Latest Structures, PPAs, Risk Allocation & Pricing)

Nuanced, up-to-date, forward-looking, and contextually presented, the class expanded the depth of our firm’s competency for financial transactions.

- Greg Poulos, CEO, ArcVera Renewables

The Master Class was very efficient, educational, effective and productive, and I will do more of these regardless of if we are traveling and going to in-person.

- Peter Blood, Founder and Managing Partner, CYCLE




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