Renewables and Wholesale Electricity Markets - Presented by Infocast

Take a Deep Dive into How to Extract Value for Renewables from Power Markets

Every US electricity market is changing rapidly. How can developers determine where to focus their efforts? A massive deployment of wind, solar and batteries is underway due to renewable mandates, growing corporate purchases, and utility decarbonization goals, which is only expected to accelerate as a focus of the Biden administration. These resources must compete in regional wholesale electricity markets, while at the same time they are forcing dramatic changes to the risks and rewards within each market.

This advanced course will enable decision makers to gain in-depth understanding of opportunities for extracting value and the associated risks in each regional market. Leidos’ staff will discuss how the accelerating introduction of solar, storage and offshore wind is likely to affect price formation, as well as the value of providing capacity and reliability services in each of the wholesale markets. They will also use recent data to evaluate the impact of market and policy changes on asset performance and value, including the potential fallout from the February ERCOT freeze. They will draw on decades of experience advising dozens of buyers and sellers to highlight the key issues that matter most and differentiate the projects in each market that will be successful from those that may falter.



The curriculum has been designed to allow professionals to fully grasp today’s most important topics, including:

  • How regulatory, policy and market fundamentals changes are affecting renewables in wholesale power markets
  • How the expansion of solar, offshore wind and energy storage will impact potential revenue streams and opportunities in markets
  • Evaluation of the impacts of market structures and key factors, including the capacity mix, generation mix, and the prospects for new capacity additions, on forming successful strategies to extract value from renewables in each market




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  • Lead Instructor

    Lee Van Atta
    Vice President, Energy & Infrastructure Consulting,

    Contributing Instructors

    Brian Armstrong
    Managing Director, Energy & Infrastructure Consulting

    Dr. Amrita Bhattacharyya
    Associate Director, Energy & Infrastructure Consulting

    Christian H. Carpenter
    Vice President, Energy & Infrastructure Consulting,

    Molli Gerken, P.E.
    Environmental Engineer, Commercial Energy Solutions

    Michael Giampetro
    Vice President – Conventional and Emerging Technologies, Energy & Infrastructure Consulting

    Mark Hardin
    Senior Consultant – Battery Energy Storage Expert, Energy & Infrastructure Consulting

    John Higgins
    Director, Energy & Infrastructure Consulting



Live Q&A and discussion following each session

August 31, 2021 | 8:20 AM - 2:45 PM PDT

Session 1: Understanding the Key Distinctions Between U.S. Wholesale Power Markets
Session 2: Regulatory and Policy Issues Affecting Renewable Participation in Wholesale Power Markets
Session 3: Solar’s Impacts on Wholesale Power Markets…And Vice Versa
Session 4: Battery Energy Storage: Interactions with and Impacts on U.S. Power Markets
Session 5: The Coming Vast Buildout of Offshore Wind: Integration Challenges and Impacts on Wholesale Power Markets

September 1, 2021 | 8:30 AM - 3:45 PM PDT

Session 6: Assessment of the ERCOT Market—Policy Shifts, Risks and Pricing Post-February Crisis
Session 7: Spotlight on the Emerging Opportunities and Risks for Renewables in the “Merchant” Eastern U.S. Markets (PJM, NYISO, ISO-NE)
Session 8: Renewables and the Western U.S. Markets—Assessing Opportunities and Challenges to Meet Low-Carbon Policy Goals
Session 9: Assessing the Opportunities for Wind, Solar and Storage in the Central U.S. Markets (MISO and SPP)
Session 10: Prospects for Renewables in the Southeast Markets (SEEM, SERC, TVA, Florida)
Session 11: Office Hours: Interactive Live Zoom Session

Nuanced, up-to-date, forward-looking, and contextually presented, the class expanded the depth of our firm’s competency for financial transactions.

- Greg Poulos, CEO, ArcVera Renewables

The Master Class was very efficient, educational, effective and productive, and I will do more of these regardless of if we are traveling and going to in-person.

- Peter Blood, Founder and Managing Partner, CYCLE


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