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“Distributed Energy Resources” or “DERs connotes a variety of energy sources on the grid, typically consumer- based assets. Delivery of these energy assets increasingly relies on a complex “stack” or set of layers of software, communications, protocols, standards, firmware, and hardware controls. This “DER Stack” is in a state of ongoing evolution as the underlying technologies evolve and the market grows for granular, bi-directional flows of electrons.

This webinar is designed primarily for those coming from the IT, Internet and software industries trying to understand how to develop products and services for the growing distributed energy “Grid 2.0” market. However, it will also be useful to renewable energy engineers and developers of energy hardware.

Attendees will be taken on a tour of the various layers of the “tech stack”, informed as to:

  • Important policy and technical developments for each layer
  • Relevant standards and protocols
  • Prominent solution providers associated
  • Outstanding opportunities, gaps and hurdles that call for innovative solutions
  • Relevant SDKs, APIs or development platforms

Ryan Wartena
Founder & President

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