The Cole Memorandum suggested that prosecutors and law enforcement should limit the expenditure of federal resources in prosecuting individuals whose actions are in compliance with state marijuana laws. The Cole Memo represented a major shift in drug enforcement, and after its issuance, federal marijuana prosecutions declined in states that had authorized certain marijuana activity.

Despite acknowledging the existence of the Cole Memo, Attorney General Sessions earlier this year issued a memo of his own, directing federal prosecutors to charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable drug offenses. Under Sessions’ program, which rolls back Obama-era policies, if prosecutors want to pursue lesser charges for low-level drug crimes, they first need to obtain multiple layers of approvals from different authorities.

This webinar will explore:

  • The future of the Cole Memo and how Attorney General Sessions views the Department of Justice’s role in enforcing federal drug laws;
  • How cannabis regulation fits into the Trump administration’s priorities and agenda, and offer predictions for the future;
  • Current federal legislative efforts and proposals, and which, if any, could succeed; and
  • How states are responding to federal enforcement policies and efforts.

Jonathan A. Havens

This webinar is a preview of what will be discussed in our upcoming Canna East Compliance Summit 2018.

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