Empowering Clean Energy Entrepreneurs to Benefit from Opportunity Zone Finance

Sep 17, 201910:00am PDT1 hour
The Opportunity Act, part of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017, created "Opportunity Zones." The intent of The Opportunity Act was to encourage individuals, partnerships, corporates and foreign investors with capital gains and a tax liability with the U.S. Treasury to roll over those gains into long-term investments in over 8,700 low‑income "zones" across America, including Puerto Rico. Due to the material value of this Federal tax incentive to the capital gains investor, receiving investment from an "Opportunity Zone Investor" creates enormous value for the clean energy companies:

- potential of 250-300 basis points of improved value at the project level
- potential of ~17% NPV value improvement at the project level
- more lenient terms, pricing and engagement between the clean energy project developer and capital source

Moderator: Jon Bonanno, CXO, NEW ENERGY NEXUS and Program Lead, EZOZ.org