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Tech Leads the Charge in Renewables—Green Data Centers the New Norm

Grace Sweeney | Infocast Events

Solar is in the midst of a big moment, enough so to say that it’s much more than a passing trend. Corporations across all industries and nations are entering the space at unprecedented rates, and we’re even starting to see unlikely players—Shell or Walmart, for example getting into the mix, so as to not get left behind.

Today’s Corporate Renewable Landscape—Where Do We Stand?

Grace Sweeney | Infocast Events

Corporate renewable initiatives are dominating in the wake of the Paris Agreement, growing concerns over worsening environmental conditions and a change in societal expectations that go hand in hand with today’s level of expected transparency. No longer can big corporations easily get away with exploiting low wage workers, cutting

The Uncertain Cost of Energy: PPA Risk & Opportunity

Hans Royal | Renewable Choice Energy 

This blog is the first in a four-part series on mitigating risk through your power purchase agreement (PPA) procurement process. Each blog in the series will focus on a different risk: market risk (cost of energy), operational risk, execution risk, and reputational risk.  

Energy price risk affects all businesses.  Across every sector, organizations 

What’s the Difference Between a Traditional and Renewable PPA?

Hans Royal | Renewable Choice Energy 

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a broad term which covers many types of contracts involving the purchase of energy between two parties.

When we talk about renewable PPA deals, we’re specifically talking about long-term, on- or off-site purchases of energy and RECs from a renewable energy project which is not yet built.

Growing Sophistication of the Renewable Buyer

Amy Haddon | Renewable Choice Energy

When I began my career at Renewable Choice Energy almost a decade ago, the idea of companies buying renewable energy was in its infancy. Renewable Choice had only just completed the brokerage of the Whole Foods 100% wind power deal, which at the time was the first of its kind (we went on to receive an EPA Beacon Award for our role in that deal). Renewables were not on the radar of most companies; 

Big Box = Big Potential? Solar-Powered Retail Rooftops Could Change Everything

Grace Sweeney | Infocast Events
The United States has an overabundance of energy from the sun that could easily exceed the entire nation’s electricity needs. With all that untapped energy comes the potential to produce more than 100 times as much electricity from solar photovoltaic (PV) installations than the entire nation consumes in a year. We’ve started to see a shift from solar power being this niche market to

RE100 Grows- Corporate Responsibility No Longer Just For Show

Grace Sweeney | Infocast Events

BMW. Starbucks. Microsoft. You can’t make it far without hearing these names. But aside from ubiquity, what do they all have in common? These companies, and 50+ others have come together as part of the RE100 initiative, an initiative that emerged as a result of 2014 Climate Week. RE100 aims at transitioning corporations away from traditional power sources like coal or oil and gas, and toward 100 percent