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Time to change


In more and more regions of the world, ships have to change to low-sulfur fuel before being allowed to sail into Emission Control Areas. But how does one make this switch with a gigantic ship? The procedure is more complicated than you might expect.

Obama’s Monetary Woes

California Drought

By: The Infocast Water Team

Last year was one of the hottest ever recorded in the United States. California, in particular, has been affected more severely than other regions due to the longstanding drought. Residents have been concerned over the availability of drinking water. Govt. officials have two approaches to ensuring reliable access to water.

Floods and Droughts, Cautionary Tales

By: The Infocast Water Team

The five-year drought has California residents hoping for rain and snow, thanking El Nino for the promised precipitation with hope that if every drop of rain and ounce of snow can be gathered and stored, the water can be used to relieve environmental stresses around California brought by the drought. 

Interview with Jan Marx, Mayor of San Luis Obispo

By: The Infocast Water Team

As Infocast’s 3rd Annual California Water Summit draws near, the Infocast Water Team had the pleasure of recently interviewing Jan Marx, Mayor of the City of San Luis Obispo on her thoughts regarding the future of the coastal California city’s water challenges. We welcome you to read the interview below.

Background and Effects of California’s Drought

By: The Infocast Water Team

The past decade overall has been very dry, but the years 2012-2014 were especially concerning. Water year 2011 was the first wet year of any significance since 2006, and it helped to improve statewide reservoir storage, which in turn helped ameliorate the effects of a very dry 2012.  

Drought Insurance Under Our Feet

By: The Infocast Water Team

Despite the recent bouts of rain, recent drought conditions have been frightening for some time. A desperate need for water coupled with an unprecedented shortage has caused communities and government agencies to look for new means of acquiring water and for new ways of ensuring a reliable water source.