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New York State Business Council Conference on Renewable Energy

Bernays T. (Buz) Barclay

Leaders from a State that is itself leading thought and action in growing the contributions of renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and re-forming the entire utility-customer interface, met last week at beautiful Marist college in Poughkeepsie for spirited and constructive discussion about how to enable, unfetter and facilitate free market, competitive solutions that will help to achieve the goals we share.

Google Secures Nordic Wind Power for Data Centers

Grace Sweeney | Infocast Events

Google just signed an agreement that will enable them to acquire 235 megawatts of renewable energy from wind farms in Sweden and Norway respectively. The announcement builds on the significant number of power purchase agreements (PPAs) Google signed last year, accounting for a whopping 842 megawatts of renewable energy used for powering the company’s global data centers.

Study Finds Building Internal Support is Biggest Hurdle to Corporate Renewable Adoption

Grace Sweeney | Infocast Events

A recent report by PwC confirms the marked change we’ve seen over the past few years in the renewable energy sector, particularly with commercial and industrial companies. After years of stagnation, attacks from climate change deniers, and naysayers citing high prices as an immovable barrier, it appears renewables have finally made it.

Deloitte Study Confirms Widespread Support of Renewable Energy

Grace Sweeney | Infocast Events

Going green is going mainstream. Deloitte’s sixth annual “Resources 2016 Study” shows a dramatic shift in how consumers, both corporate and residential view environmental responsibility. The report points out the change taking place is likely due to this idea that a collective goal to reduce emissions is now “ingrained” in our culture, despite this year’s plummeting gas prices. The change can be attributed to the rising influence of the millennial generation, who have been warned against the adverse effects of climate change for most of their lives.

CDP and the Scope 2 Guidance: What Companies Need to Know for 2016

Amy Haddon | Renewable Choice Energy

With the CDP Climate Change reporting deadline less than two weeks away (June 30), reporting organizations are deep into the 2016 questionnaire.  This year, CDP has made some material changes to its questions in order to line up with the GHG Protocol’s Scope 2 guidance —released in 2015—and to place greater emphasis on climate action.

The Call for Climate Action: Environmental Impact of PPAs

Hans Royal | Renewable Choice Energy

Responding to CDP in 2016? If so, you’ve probably seen that CDP has increased its emphasis on the value of climate action and how that translates into disclosure leadership.  CDP respondents are now being asked to set science-based goals and utilize renewable energy to take an active role in reducing—rather than just reporting—emissions, and related environmental impact.

Diablo Canyon Closure—What Does it Mean for the Future of Renewables

Grace Sweeney | Infocast Events

The impending closure of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plan marks the end of a chapter for energy in California. PG&E has renounced plans to renew contract’s on the facility’s two reactors. Which will expire in 2024 and 2025 respectively. In the meantime, California will need to get its renewable contracts in place, so we don’t run into a power shortage when the time comes.

The Corporate Renewables Revolution is Coming—Are You Ready?

Grace Sweeney | Infocast Events

So, maybe your organization isn’t making the kind of sweeping pledges we’ve seen in the news as of late to reduce emissions, save the planet and cut energy costs all at the same time. More corporations from Google and Facebook to Macy’s, Walmart and Costco are getting into the clean energy game, integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) into existing business strategies, as reliance on fossil fuel becomes increasingly unattractive for large swathes of the population.