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The First Step to Building a Cloud-Ready Supply Chain

supply chain

Mark Barry | Aberdeen Group

Supply chain optimization has become a huge market differentiator in the omni-channel world. However, Amazon’s innovation around the supply chain has raised consumer expectations, putting pressure on all other eCommerce players.

Overcoming Inventory Allocation Obstacles in an Omnichannel World


José Chan | Celect

Having the right product, in the right place, at the right time and the right price in retail, is one of the oldest and greatest challenges retailers and brands face. The logistical complexity of this problem is magnified when we consider that retailers must address this issue in an omnichannel environment where consumers expect the physical and digital worlds to be seamlessly integrated.

6 Step Checklist for Omnichannel Marketing Success

Babar Khan Javed | customerTHINK

An omnichannel marketing experience is a bit of a contradiction for some because it is often spoken of as a short-term tactic, while its name is implicitly about having a constant omnipresence over the targeted customer.

The Omnichannel Experience Consumers Are Craving


Alice Chen | Payfirma

Aided by technology and accustomed to instant connections, consumers are craving an omnichannel experience when they’re shopping. Omnichannel means the holistic way that a brand’s channels and touch points interact with a customer. It boils down to a cohesive, continuous, and seamless experience across all channels — no matter the way a consumer connects with a brand.