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The Rapid Rise of the Space Investor and the Reinvention of NASA

Grace Sweeney | Infocast Events

Up until a few years ago, space largely fell within the realm of a few major aero defense groups and government agencies. No one in their right mind, save for a few individuals that fit the “eccentric billionaire” archetype would even consider making investments in this “space.” However, the tides have turned. 

A New Generation of Big Names in Space – Here’s Who You Should be Watching


New players are entering the commercial space industry en masse, bringing much-needed fresh blood to an industry long dominated by incumbent aerospace primes and underfunded government agencies. Thanks largely in part to SpaceX, the industry is the midst of a major overhaul. New stakeholders with novel business ideas and trends toward commercialization are presenting incumbent aerospace companies with major challenges. As it stands, 2016 is poised to be the year that companies from the startups to big box retailers make major strides in space.

New Study Unlocks Potential for Ultra-Lightweight and Flexible 3D-Printed Metallic Materials

Jeremy Thomas | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) engineers have achieved unprecedented scalability in 3D-printed architectures of arbitrary geometry, opening the door to super-strong, ultra-lightweight and flexible metallic materials for aerospace, the military and the automotive industry.

Mentoring the Machines

Daniel O’Connor | TCT Magazine

As I was ushered into a private room in the Ritz Carlton in Berlin, resplendent with fruit platters, pastries, French press coffee, and premium bottled waters, the interview that I’d arranged with Autodesk’s Chief Technology Officer began to feel more like I was interviewing Jeff Bridges than Jeff Kowalski.

A Closer Look at Blockchain for IoT

Isaac Brown | Lux Research

In our last article, we discussed the use of blockchain to improve the security and scalability of Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. Buzz around blockchain is picking up rapidly as innovators in every field apply the concept to different applications – while the value proposition for blockchain is strong for the IoT, there are unique challenges that will delay its implementation.

Five Things Blockchain Must Get Right to Realize its Full and Transformative Potential (Full White Paper)


Introduction: Heralding a New Era in Financial Services

In recent months, hardly a day has passed without news of further initiatives and investments in blockchain. With growing numbers of banks and other institutions now developing and trialing blockchain capabilities and applications in their innovation labs, venture capital funding is continuing to flow into blockchain start-ups around the world.