Registration & Attendance

When can I register?

Registration opens Tuesday, October 10, 2023 at 7 am PDT.

How do I register for the event?

Go online to: You can click on the button at the top that says “Register” in red or scroll down to the registration section to begin your registration.

Does my conference registration include lodging?

The conference registration does not include lodging. Attendees must secure lodging on their own.

Can I book my guest room first then register?

No. You must be registered in order to obtain the room reservation information. Room reservations are subject to cancellation without a valid registration with a matching name.

I’m not sure yet who from my team will be attending. Should we wait to register? Can we change the names on the registration(s)?

We recommend that you register as soon as you are able in order to secure lodging at our host hotel or one of our partner hotels. We are happy to update the name that the registration is under at no additional cost. To change the registrant, you can email [email protected]. While you may change the registrant at any time, we recommend completing these changes at least 3 weeks prior to the event.

Changing the registrant information does not update any guest room reservations. Please contact the hotel directly to update hotel reservations.

Is there an early bird rate or any discounts available?

No. We do not offer an early bird rate or any other discounts for this event.

Is there a group discount available?

Yes. We offer a group discount to organizations that bring 3 or more people. 25% off of 3rd and subsequent registrations.

How do I access the group discount code?

You must first register two people at the standard rate. Then email [email protected] with the two registrants’ names. Our team will verify the registrations and email you a special promo code that can be used on 3rd and subsequent registrations.

I tried to register for an event and received a duplicate registration message. Can you confirm if I am registered?

If you have received the “Duplicate Registration” message after your first registration attempt:
There is a pre-existing registration for the event under your email address.

If you have received the “Duplicate Registration” message after your first registration was declined due to a billing error:
The billing error has yet to be fixed. Please confirm that the details entered in the “Billing Information” section match what your card issuer has on file. Then open a new browser window, clear the cache, and try to register again.

I did not get my registration confirmation email or registration invoice/receipt.

Please check your spam folder for an email from Bizzabo, our registration management system, in case you do not see the email in your inbox. If you do not see your registration confirmation email, please email [email protected].

I made an error or I need to make a change in my registration including canceling my registration ticket.

Send an email to [email protected] and one of our team members will assist you. For more information on our terms, please refer to our cancellation, refund, and credit policy within our Terms & Conditions.

How can I transfer my registration?

If you’re interested in transferring your ticket to a colleague within the same organization, please email [email protected] the following information:

Original registrant’s name
Original registrant’s organization
Event name
New registrant’s name
New registrant’s job title
New registrant’s email address
New registrant’s phone number

I am unable to pay by credit card — Can I pay by invoice?

For instructions on how to pay for registration using other forms of payment (ACH, wire transfer) please contact our Accounting Department at [email protected]. Less than one week before the event, we can only accept credit card payments.

Will the conference be available virtually or on-demand?

No, this will only be available as an in-person event.

Will the conference be available virtually or on-demand?

No, this will only be available as an in-person event.

Do you provide CE/CLE?

We are not an approved provider of CE/CLE credits. We do, however, encourage our attendees to submit the necessary forms, including the certificate of attendance with their accrediting institution, to see if the conference qualifies for CE/CLE credit. Please email [email protected] to request a certificate of attendance.



Hotel/Guest Room Information

How do I book my guest room?

You must register for the event first in order to gain access to the room reservation information. Once you are registered, you will immediately receive a registration confirmation email that will include directions on how to reserve your guest room.

I am having issues reserving my guest room with the link provided in the registration confirmation email.

Please contact the hotel to make reservations via phone at (602) 955-6600

Is there a waiting list at the hotel for guest rooms?

No, there is no waiting list available. We encourage everyone to check with the hotel directly for availability.

Is the hotel full yet?

We do not have visibility into hotel inventory or occupancy. We encourage you to contact hotels directly to inquire about their availability.

The host hotel room block is full and no rooms are available.

If you are registered, please refer to your registration confirmation email for a listing of available partner hotels to check on guest room availability. If partner hotels are full, we encourage you to check out the nearby hotels listing on our event website. This is not a comprehensive list – the Phoenix area is a host to a large number of hotels that we are not able to fully capture on our website.

I would like to reserve a separate meeting room at the hotel.

Meeting rooms are reserved for sponsors only. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lawrence Silverstein at [email protected].