Thermion completes additional acquisition of a 171MW self-supply wind project

Written By: Jen Neville
April 11, 2018

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Thermion, an independent clean energy power producer and supplier to corporate customers, has completed its third acquisition: a 171 MW self-supply wind project; Los Molinos, from Comexhidro, a Mexican power developer. 

The project would be constructed in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. This transaction is in addition to Thermion´s other two self-supply wind and solar project acquisitions (117MW wind and 48MW solar) completed in late 2017, bringing Thermion's current controlled project capacity in Mexico to 348MW. Construction of all plants is anticipated to commence between the fourth quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. Thermion's focus on the self-supply (auto-abasto) legacy regime projects allow it to provide competitive, and stable-priced electricity to its customers for 20 years, reducing their exposure to the volatility of long-term electricity prices, eliminating exposure to carbon-based fuel prices and transferring the legacy benefits of lower transmission costs to its customers.

To date, Thermion's 348MW of solar and wind projects would reduce approximately 640 thousand metric tons of CO2 equivalent from the environment annually, equivalent to eliminating approximately 125 thousand cars from the road. "We are delighted to have completed the acquisition of our second wind project in the state of Tamaulipas, where we aim to develop, build and operate one of the most relevant wind farm complexes in America to deliver reliable renewable energy to our pipeline of corporate customers throughout the country," said Alberto Garza Santos, co-founder and Chairman of Thermion.

"Expansion and portfolio diversification is not our only focus; our team is focused on working with our customers to understand their current and future energy procurement challenges, from efficient use of energy to electric vehicles. Our aim is to be their long-term energy partner and adviser, offering sustainable low carbon solutions to all their energy needs," added Michael Bax, CEO of Thermion.

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