E.ON to optimize manufacturing facilities with artificial intelligence

Written By: Jen Neville
March 21, 2018

E.ON has now entered into a partnership with the company Sight Machine, a software startup that has created an Internet of Things enabled digital manufacturing platform. E.ON and Sight Machine are set to develop unique digital solutions for the European market that would enable the optimization of energy and core manufacturing processes in unison.

E.ON is the first energy company with which Sight Machine will cooperate in Europe. Alongside the partnership, E.ON Scouting and Co-Investment have made a venture capital investment into Sight Machine.

E.ON is set to use the technology to expand its own Optimum Platform. With Optimum, E.ON customers are already able to visualize their energy flows and rapidly identify potential improvements. Through the partnership, manufacturing and energy data are now turned into actionable information; customers will see improvements in operations, leading to increased profitability and reduced CO2 emissions.

“Sight Machine has outstanding software and references in the industrial sector. Together, we will make our business-to-business customers fit for the competition of the future with brand-new solutions. In addition, we are showing an intelligent and efficient way to achieve CO2 savings in the economy,” said Bernd Schumacher, CEO of E.ON Connecting Energies.

Now machine uptime and utilization would be improved through predictive maintenance, while production bottlenecks, quality issues, and energy optimizations would be identified by pulling and analyzing available data from across manufacturing facilities.

“In many manufacturing sectors, energy is a critical input and a significant source of cost variability,” said Sight Machine CEO and Co-Founder Jon Sobel. “The partnership of E.ON and Sight Machine will give manufacturers an unprecedented ability to evaluate how energy-related decisions will affect their productivity, quality, and profitability.”

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