Nayan Bhakta, Director, Engineering & Procurement at McCarthy

Filmed By: Jen Neville
April 10, 2018

We had the privilege of covering the Solar Finance & Investment Summit in San Diego and sat down with Nayan Bhakta, Director, Engineering & Procurement at McCarthy, to get his expert insights involving EPC’s and utility-scale solar.

– What are some of the things that EPC’s must consider to continue to reduce installation costs on utility-scale projects?
– What is being considered to reduce cost as we look into the next 3-5 years of utility-scale solar development?
– Solar is expanding into regions where previously it was expected that the economics would not pencil. From an EPC standpoint, what are things you would consider as you venture into new territories?

Q&A Nayan Bhakta

Nayan Bhakta
Director, Engineering & Procurement

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