Community Solar projects in New York are now operational

Written By: Jen Neville
January 23, 2019

new york community solar

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Supporting Clean, Local Solar Projects to Achieve NY’s Energy Goals
NY-Sun and Solar for All have been pivotal in driving solar energy expansion in New York; so it’s no coincidence that the state has one of the most active community solar markets in the country with plans to stimulate another 1000 MW in the near future. In addition, the NY Public Service Commission has approved three Community Choice Aggregation programs which will undoubtedly elicit more renewables, including community solar. How is the movement toward clean, local energy viewed by state policymakers and regulators? This keynote provides an outlook on how shared renewables are contributing to state targets outlined in NY REV.

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Governor Cuomo recently announced a goal to produce 100 percent clean energy across New York by 2040 while doubling the NY-Sun Initiative goal to 6 gigawatts by 2023. These goals were part of his State of the State address in Albany earlier this month.

ForeFront Power's first Community Solar projects in New York are now operational and providing clean, renewable electricity to subscribers across National Grid and Rochester Gas & Electric service territories. These nine projects, representing 27 megawatts of capacity, are the first of a portfolio of over 75 MW across New York expected to be complete by the end of 2019.

Community Solar allows utility customers, including those who rent or cannot install on-site solar, the option of purchasing up to 100 percent renewable energy from a local project while saving hundreds of dollars each year on electricity costs. Statewide, more than 10,000 subscribers will benefit from electricity bill savings and renewable energy from these projects.

Approximately half of U.S. households and businesses are unable to install rooftop solar due to space, lack of sun exposure or ownership limitations, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Community Solar gives residential and business customers an easy way to benefit from solar without installing or maintaining any equipment.

For all these completed New York projects, ForeFront Power selected Arcadia Power to subscribe interested customers to a portion of the energy produced from these projects.  This innovative model allows subscribers to adopt solar energy in just a few minutes. A subscription to their Community Solar project means a subscriber simply sees a reduction on his or her monthly utility bill while the rest is handled by Arcadia Power. Their online dashboard provides an easy way for customers to connect their existing utility accounts, track impact, and stay up to date on billing.

ForeFront Power is developing Community Solar projects to serve subscribers across Central Hudson Gas and Electric, ConEdison, National Grid, New York State Electric and Gas, Orange and Rockland Utilities, and Rochester Gas & Electric utility service territories. Most projects are construction-ready with the first 27 MW completed at the end of 2018.

Paul Walker, Co-CEO of ForeFront Power commented, "These projects represent a tremendous investment across the State that is resulting in local job growth and a contribution toward New York's renewable energy goals. New Yorkers are continuing to benefit from the State's leadership in renewable energy policy development and execution and now have a solution that provides the savings and environmental benefits of solar without any on-site impact or constraints."

These solar energy projects will generate more than 90 million kilowatt-hours annually, representing the equivalent of 70,155 tons of carbon avoided from the grid or 13,512 cars off the road.

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