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Written By: Jen Neville
January 24, 2019

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Gain Invaluable Insights from the Most Active Finance and Development Experts as Storage Goes Mainstream!

In 2018 energy storage exploded into a mainstream asset, with the potential deployment of as much as 50 GW projected in the US alone. Co-locating renewable energy and storage projects became the norm for new developments, while the release of state targets and FERC Order 841 compliance filings promise to accelerate the large-scale deployment of storage. Beyond these typical markets, new verticals are emerging to shape clean energy supplies for corporate and CCA customers, and enhance resilience for resi customers. But the expansion of competition is driving margins thinner, and increasing the importance of not only identifying the best opportunities, but understanding the nitty-gritty of storage project finance and execution.

Now in its twelfth year, Storage Week 2019 is the global business hub driving the development and finance of energy storage projects. This year we will take a deep dive into structuring both standalone and co-located storage projects, and assess the opportunities emerging via state targets, new rules in organized markets and the needs of new customer classes. Join senior executives and active financiers at the forefront of deploying behind-the-meter and grid-connected storage systems as they explore the road to bankable projects!

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Storage Week Summit Agenda 

Day One – Tuesday, February 26, 2019

7:30-7:20 Registration and Networking Breakfast

8:20-8:30 Opening Remarks by Summit Chair Peter Mostow, Partner, WILSON SONSINI GOODRICH & ROSATI

8:30-9:30 Keynote Panel Discussion: State Targets—Will They Drive the Market?

As more and more states include storage in clean energy plans and goals, there is the expectation that this will drive the large-scale deployment of storage in many regions. Notably, Arizona, California, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey unveiled significant mandates in 2018 calling for gigawatts of storage to be deployed in the near-term, while other states ramped up storage incentive programs. But these programs range from soft target goals to hard mandates for utilities to contract for storage ala California. This panel of regulators and state officials will discuss the targets for their states, how the programs work, and the timelines for storage deployment.

How much storage is being procured?
How and when will storage be procured?
What revenue streams will be available to storage projects?

Moderator: Senior Representative, STOEL RIVES
Panelists: Dr. Laura Nelson, Energy Advisor, UTAH GOVERNOR’S OFFICE OF ENERGY DEVELOPMENT
Gabe Petlin, Supervisor, Grid Planning & Reliability, CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION

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9:30-10:00 Morning Networking Break

10:00-11:00 Panel Discussion: ISO/RTO Markets and Order 841 Implementation—Emerging Reliability and Resource Adequacy Roles for Energy Storage

RTOs and ISOs file their compliance plans for FERC’s landmark Order 841 in December 2018. This panel will explore the development of storage in PJM, NYISO, ERCOT, MISO, IESO and other markets, including the products and services that will be open for storage to monetize.

What market structures will ensure energy storage can participate and be compensated in wholesale markets?
What pathways are opening for accelerating energy storage deployment as generation, transmission, and grid services assets?
How is storage value as capacity being handled in the markets?
How will reliability concerns be addressed?
How will storage on the distribution level be addressed?
How soon can battery projects tap into multiple value streams in organized markets?

Moderator: Robert Mullin, Deputy Editor & Senior Correspondent, RTO INSIDER
Panelists: Mike DeSocio, Senior Manager, Market Design, NYISO
Eric Hsia, Liaison to the President and CEO, PJM INTERCONNECTION
Clyde Loutan, Principal, Renewable Energy Integration, CAISO
Kenneth Ragsdale, Principal, Market Design, ERCOT
Kevin Vannoy, Director, Market Design, MISO

11:00-12:15 Panel Discussion: The Emergence of a New Vertical Market: Storage to Meet CCA Clean Energy Goals

While CCAs launched their sustainability and green energy initiatives with contracting for renewable energy supplies, they are now moving beyond that to shape their risk. This panel will discuss CCAs’ needs for storage, including:How can storage be used to help match their consumption pattern to renewables?

What roles do they see storage playing in the future?
How can storage be used to help match renewables to their consumption patterns?
What they are now looking for in procurements?
How is storage being approached in contracts?
How can storage fit into existing renewable energy PPAs?

Moderator: Senior Representative, MORGAN LEWIS & BOCKIUS
Panelists: Girish Balachandran, Chief Executive Officer, SILICON VALLEY CLEAN ENERGY
Nick Chaset, Chief Executive Officer, EAST BAY COMMUNITY ENERGY
Tom Habashi, Chief Executive Officer, MONTEREY BAY COMMUNITY POWER
Vicken Kasarjian, Chief Operating Officer, MCE (MARIN CLEAN ENERGY)
Jan Pepper, Chief Executive Officer, PENINSULA CLEAN ENERGY
Mindy Yajko, Director, Origination and Structuring, RECURRENT ENERGY

12:15-1:45 Group Luncheon

1:45-2:45 Panel Discussion: Opportunities and Challenges for Standalone Storage Transactions

The past year has seen an acceleration of storage deals, with many more moving to completion. This panel will examine deal flow over the past year, highlighting structures being used, potentially problematic areas, and the impacts of the expected state of financial markets on project bankability and profit margins.

What are the key standalone storage opportunities and are they changing?
Are most of the deals being done utility owned or privately owned?
What are the key structures being used?
What is the state of financing on deals?
What percentage is being financed on balance sheet vs equity vs debt?
What commercial mechanisms are being used in storage finance?
How are potential rises in interest rates being dealt with in deals?

Moderator: Keith Martin, Co-Head of Projects, United States, NORTON ROSE FULBRIGHT
Panelists: Holly Christie, Assistant General Counsel, INVENERGY
Brian Knowles, Director, Energy Storage, CYPRESS CREEK RENEWABLE ENERGY
Randolph Mann, President, ESVOLTA
Martin Milani, Chief Executive Officer, SUNVERGE
John Zahurancik, Chief Operating Officer, FLUENCE ENERGY

2:45-3:15 Afternoon Networking Break

3:15-4:15 Panel Discussion: Solar + Storage Goes Mainstream

Solar + Storage has emerged as the norm for new solar projects, especially in the west. With utilities and other offtakers increasingly requiring either the addition of storage, or at the minimum having projects be “storage ready,” almost all solar project developers are looking to add storage capabilities. This panel will examine:

Key market opportunities and challenges for solar + storage projects
Storage “Products” provided by solar + storage projects
Market approaches for pricing solar + storage
Performance Metrics and other critical PPA provisions for solar + storage
Acquisitions, Partnerships, Internal Development—What strategies are renewable developers using to increase their ability to execute solar + storage projects?

Moderator: Les Sherman, Partner, ORRICK HERRINGTON & SUTCLIFFE
Panelists: Dan Cary, Vice President, MACQUARIE CAPITAL
Kathy Lin, Vice President, Solar and Storage Technology, EDF RENEWABLES
Matt Stedl, Development Director, Energy Storage, TRADEWIND ENERGY

4:15-5:15 Storage Week Shark Tank

Opportunities for a raft of storage projects are accelerating; but what will drive the investment community to put their dollars behind a particular project or technology? This panel, featuring some of the most active and savvy investors in energy, will respond to storage projects featuring a variety of technologies and business models, picking out which they consider winners and exploring how changing some parameters affect financing decisions.

Moderators: Rohit Sachdev, Partner, ORRICK HERRINGTON & SUTCLIFFE

Panelists: Ali Amirali, Senior Vice President, STARWOOD ENERGY GROUP GLOBAL
Dan Cary, Vice President, MACQUARIE CAPITAL
Matan Friedman, Co-Founder, GENERATE CAPITAL
Fred Zelaya, Director, Structured Finance, MUFG

5:15-6:15 Networking Reception

Summit Agenda  Day Two – Wednesday, February 27, 2019

7:00-7:50 Registration and Networking Breakfast
7:50-8:00 Opening Remarks by Summit Chair Peter Mostow, Partner, WILSON SONSINI GOODRICH & ROSATI

8:00-9:00 Panel Discussion: BTM Storage Markets and Finance

The BTM storage market saw huge growth in 2018, with strong predictions of more growth to come. Will these predictions prove true? This panel will explore the BTM storage market, and examine the impacts of policy and financial markets on the segment.

What impacts are evolving interconnection rules having on deployments?
Where is the policy environment getting better?
How soon will battery projects be able to really take advantage of multiple value streams?
What are the roadblocks and when will the regulatory framework allow for aggregated storage to become a factor?

Moderator: Morten Lund, Partner, STOEL RIVES
Panelists: Melicia Charles, Director, Public Policy, SUNRUN
David Gelinas, Vice President, Finance and Business Operations, STEM
Vishvesh Jhaveri, Director, Project Finance & Strategy, ADVANCED MICROGRID SOLUTIONS
Seth Mullendore, Vice President & Project Director, CLEAN ENERGY GROUP

9:00-10:00 Panel Discussion: Front-of-the-Meter Project Development and Finance

Much of the storage development to date in the US has been in grid-connected storage. But even as procurements accelerate and applications expand the competition for projects has become fierce. This panel will examine the current FTM market, including emerging development and finance challenges.

What trends are emerging in utility procurements?
How are returns on standalone projects compare with those co-located with renewable projects?
Are the prices being bid sustainable?
What issues are emerging in the financing of these types of projects?
How is the movement to increased utility ownership affecting developers?

Moderator: Neeraj Arora, Partner, MORGAN LEWIS & BOCKIUS
Panelists: Philippe Bouchard, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, EOS ENERGY STORAGE
Manish Kumar, Managing Director, Energy Storage, AES CORPORATION
Steve McKenery, Vice President, Storage Solutions, 8MINUTENERGY
Alexander Pugh, Development Manager, HECATE ENERGY

10:00-10:30 Morning Networking Break

10:30-11:30 Panel Discussion: Best Practices in Long-term Service Agreements, O&M and Warranties

The bankability of a project may depend on the acceptability of a warranty or insurance to lenders and investors. Likewise, the O&M of a storage project can make or break it in terms of long-term profitability. This panel will explore:

What kinds of warranties and insurance products are helping to obtain financing?
Early movers in Li Ion have all struggled—what does this mean in terms of warranties, and what is the explanation for this?
How should concerns about decommissioning of batteries be dealt with?
What should one be worried about going forward?

Moderator: Deanne M. Barrow, Associate, NORTON ROSE FULBRIGHT
Panelists: Jon Cozens, Chief Commercial Officer, NEW ENERGY RISK
Neil Maguire, Chief Executive Officer, ADARA POWER
Carl Mansfield, Vice President of System Solutions, NANTENERGY
Ed Rossier, Director of Project Management, Renewable Energy Investments, US BANK

11:30-12:30 Panel Discussion: Dealing with Implementation Challenges—The Nitty-Gritty of Getting Projects in the Ground

As storage moves more and more into large-scale deployment, the nitty-gritty of how to efficiently get storage in the ground becomes ever more important. This panel will examine the emerging best practices in storage project execution, including:

How are utilities adjusting to the differences in storage projects from more traditional assets?
How are balance of system being handled?
Can smart inverters truly replace standalone battery management systems?

Moderator: Kevin Hernandez, Director, SCOTTMADDEN
Panelists: Chris Cuthbert Director of Operations, GREENSMITH ENERGY
John Jung, Chief Executive Officer, GRIDFUNCTION
Rob Morgan, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Storage, GENERAL ELECTRIC
Jim Prueitt, Vice President Engineering, NEC ENERGY SOLUTIONS
Scott Wilson, Director of Operations, ENGIE STORAGE

12:30 Summit Adjourns


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