Renewable energy suppliers reap the benefits of energy apps

Written By: Michael Kordvani
March 22, 2018

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Investing in apps is a big decision for any business, but for most businesses, an app that brings extra functionality and connectivity for their customers is going to be money well spent. This is certainly highly applicable when it comes to renewable energy companies who are currently exploring the world of energy apps and working with energy app developers to create apps that are highly appealing and useful for the consumers.

Energy apps are increasing sales

Energy apps can be very useful for energy supplier customers, but some renewable energy companies are going one step further and are developing energy apps that can be used by potential customers. Apps that will show people how much money they, as an individual household, could save by switching to renewable energy. People tend not to like change and can take quite some convincing to make the move to renewable energy. However, when the facts are there within their app, it can certainly give food for thought, and this can easily turn into sales for the energy company that has released the app.

Connected apps improve customer communication and trust

As a sector, energy companies don’t have a great overall reputation for customer satisfaction. By engaging with customers via an app, and making it easier for customers to get in touch with the business, customers are now enjoying increased levels of confidence in their energy suppliers. Offer an app that’s free to download, and customers feel as if they are being looked after. Ensure the app is useful, and businesses will see customer loyalty increase. While many people are still a little scared of changing energy suppliers, thanks to comparisons sites and advice sites such as Money Saving Expert, more people do shop around for their energy these days and will make that switch. Those businesses that offer a good app are offering a reason for customers to stay with that supplier and not move elsewhere. People love to talk about the apps they use. When companies offer an app that is of real benefit, word will spread and the name of that company will get out there. All businesses like positive reviews and energy companies are no different.

Energy apps help customers understand their energy usage

When customers understand the way they are using their energy, and how much energy they are consuming, it is better all around. No one wants a large bill out of the blue. Even if that power has been used legitimately, the consumer can easily blame the energy company for their high prices. Putting the customer in control is the key and that is exactly what energy companies are now doing, via mobile apps. Enabling households to see just how much energy they are using, and even being able to determine how much energy each appliance in the house uses, gives consumers the chance to make wise decisions when purchasing or using appliances and empowers them with the knowledge of how to cut down on their energy bills.

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