Q&A with Liam Weaver, Transportation & Electrification Programs, California Public Advocate’s Office

Filmed By: Jen Neville
November 21, 2018

California Public Advocates Office

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Evs & The Grid I Interview with Liam Weaver

Liam Weaver joined ORA (now the California Public Advocates Office) as a Utilities Engineer in 2017 and manages technical projects for Electric Rule 21 Interconnection and is the lead project coordinator for Transportation Electrification. Before joining the Public Advocates Office, Liam worked on climate change infrastructure resiliency research in conjunction with the Knoxville Utilities Board, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the US Department of Homeland Security; worked as an energy optimization data scientist for Greensparc, Inc.; and advised the technical team for sustainable development at the New Zealand Green Building Council. For graduate school project work at UC Berkeley Liam also collaborated with industry partners and focused on: optimization, aggregation, and integration of electric vehicle fleets to inform sustainable transportation electrification policy; optimal management and dispatch of distributed energy resource systems including solar photovoltaic and energy storage; electric vehicle and residential demand response automation through cyber-physical systems; and machine learning applications for Smart Grid Smart City program analysis. Liam holds a BS (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) and MS (University of California, Berkeley) in Civil and Environmental Engineering, with a focus on Energy, Civil Infrastructure, and Climate and sustainable business.

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Evs & The Grid

Liam Weaver
Transportation & Electrification Programs
California Public Advocate's Office

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