Peer-to-Peer energy exchange to be deployed in Hawaiian housing development

Written By: Jen Neville
December 18, 2018

energy exchange

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EnSync, Inc. is creating the future of electricity with innovative residential and commercial distributed energy resource systems and Internet of Energy control platforms. They had recently signed a power purchase agreement with Koa'e Workforce Housing, L.P. to include a smart home energy system in a new 134-unit housing development. The systems will utilize peer-to-peer energy exchange and smart water heaters to optimize energy efficiency and utilization of solar across the community.

The housing development will include 516 kilowatts of rooftop solar, 603 kilowatt-hours of energy storage and EnSync Smart Home's energy communications, command, and control platform across the property's 23 buildings. Each residential unit will have photovoltaics, a smart home system and connection to a DC-Link that networks the home with all of the other residences in the property. The system will integrate energy supply from the PV power generation and energy storage with water heater load management to maximize energy independence of each home and throughout the overall networked community.

"The Koa'e community is the first announced deployment of our load control capability and the second for our True Peer-to-Peer energy exchange," stated Brad Hansen, CEO of EnSync Energy. "Both capabilities are key differentiators for our product in the high-growth residential energy systems market. We are expanding into the residential energy storage systems market at the perfect time. There is a tremendous amount of excitement for our product, as validated by an order backlog of approximately $11 million only six months after entering the market."

"We look forward to being one of the leaders in this accelerating market segment and providing a degree of energy independence to our customers that is unparalleled," Hansen added.

This is EnSync Energy's second multi-family residential property to use the smart home system as its technology foundation, following a 320-unit project announced earlier this year. When the unit-level PV system generates more solar energy than the storage or home can utilize, the excess is exported to any unit on the property where demand exceeds supply. This peer-to-peer energy exchange capability helps manage the impact of vacancy rates, time of day absences and unit level micro-loading effects in multi-unit properties or communities, facilitating energy efficiency across the network as a whole. For building owners who pay utilities on behalf of tenants and charge tenants a flat rate, the smart home system offers a direct incentive to realize potential savings.

The new Koa'e housing development will be located on the island of Kauai and is EnSync Energy's first project on the island. Kauai, like the rest of the state of Hawaii, is working through a severe housing shortage, and the Koa'e housing project is an element of the response aimed at addressing that challenge. The company is working with its local subsidiary and developer Holu Energy to engineer and design the project and Mark Development, Inc. to construct and install the system.

"The Koa'e project demonstrates how advanced technology can be used to improve the economics for tenants of affordable housing," added Craig Watase, president of Mark Development, Inc. "We are pleased to include the EnSync Smart Home in our project and bring the benefits of solar directly to affordable communities."

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