Unlikely Alliance Join Forces To Keep California In The Lead Of The Electric Car Race

Written By: Jen Neville
October 30, 2018

electric cars

An unlikely alliance of public and industry leaders joined forces in an unusual show of unity to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in California. This powerhouse of leaders, representing every major player in the transportation sector, announced the public launch of their organization, Veloz, and their first project, "Electric For All," the largest multi-stakeholder, multi-million dollar public awareness campaign in North America. Veloz also announced major commitments from utilities, Electrify America and the addition of new members including Audi, ChargePoint, Flo, SemaConnect and Webasto.

"The world is moving to electrified transportation, with or without U.S. leadership," stated Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board. California cannot afford to take its foot off the accelerator. Pollution from cars and trucks is choking not just our people and planet, but our economy. But we have an enormous opportunity: Electric car technology is at a tipping point. We must continue to lead the U.S. and in exciting new technologies that will change personal mobility, and our lives, forever."

"Veloz is working to radically transform mobility in California and take electrification to a new level," added Veloz executive director Josh Boone. "With our distinct approach, Veloz will inspire Californians to get behind the wheel and into the passenger seat of electric cars."

Fifty percent of Californians know next to nothing about electric cars. Without desire there can be no demand. Public perception still doesn't match the vehicle and ownership reality. Veloz's high powered and diverse board and membership of key sector companies, agencies and nonprofits are uniquely able to identify and work to overcome remaining barriers to electrification.

Utilities are a new critical player in the transportation sector, signaling a transformation in the long-standing marriage between the car and oil industries.

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Ron Nichols, president of Southern California Edison and a member of the Veloz board announced a group of California private and government utilities are prepared to provide significant funding support in addition to their existing substantial membership commitment for the public awareness campaign as part of a broader group of supporters. "California utilities recognize the vital importance of moving to electrified transportation – for the world, for Californians and for our own bottom lines," commented Nichols. "We are committed to accelerating the transition to clean energy and electric cars, not just through our individual efforts, but collectively through Veloz because of its powerful membership and unique ability to overcome barriers."

"Now that Governor Brown and the legislature have set California on a path to an electric grid powered 100 percent by clean energy, transitioning to electric vehicles makes more sense than ever. One of the most significant remaining barriers to adoption of electric vehicles is public awareness. Veloz is an organization expressly designed to tackle that challenge," stated David Hochschild, chair of the Veloz Board. "What the public – even in California – doesn't realize is that the major barriers to electric car adoption are fast disappearing. This is not your grandfather's golf cart. I drive a Bolt. These cars are fun, brilliantly engineered and quick. They accelerate and perform better than any gas car I've ever owned."

"We are going to track our progress very closely and, if successful, we hope other states and nations will replicate what we are doing," said Boone. "The goal is for electric cars to become the new normal. Once Californians know about and experience them, they will fall in love with a better way to drive."


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