Q&A with Bryce Smith, CEO & Founder, LevelTen Energy

Filmed By: Jen Neville
May 8, 2018

We caught up with Bryce Smith, CEO & Founder of LevelTen Energy to get his perspective on the future of CCAs.

– What kind of new functionality does LevelTen provide for CCAs?
– How does LevelTen contribute to the growth of DERs on the West Coast?
– How do you see the sophistication level of CCAs in terms of managing DER portfolios, beyond just handing the contracts off to consultants and power marketers?
– What function or service does LevelTen provide different from renewable generators and power marketers?
– How closely are you tracking the lead-up process in different municipalities to the formation of a new CCA?
– What is your perspective on the future of CCAs in California, and outside the state?

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