Why Omnichannel Consumers Are So Valuable

Katherine DeMetre | Infocast Events

Retailers are finding that supplying different touch points help create a new shopping experience. Consumers are quickly figuring out how to integrate this experience into their daily lives. From this, a new breed of shopper was born: the omnichannel consumer.

These consumers are more valuable than consumers that only shop in one place, and should be targeted by companies.

Here’s why:

They utilize the channels
According to a survey from the Harvard Business Review, Omnichannel consumers spend 9% more on stores, on average, compared to those with less channels or just a single one.

The different channels make it easier for the consumer to purchase. The more intuitive the experience is, the more likely they are to shop at that particular place.

They are more loyal
Using the different channels can become habit to the omnichannel consumer. Because everything is more accessible, it makes their shopping experience easier and leaves a positive impression of the brand.

Harvard Business Review reported that customers who engage with omnichannel retailers visited a brick-and-mortar store 23% more often over six months. These shoppers were even more likely to recommend the store to others.

They spend more
Buying online and in store is enabling shoppers to buy more than ever

According to a survey from Harvard Business Review, Omnichannel shoppers spend 4% more every time they are in a brick-and-mortar store, and they spend 10% more when shopping online.

Omnichannel consumers are certainly more valuable than consumers that use the traditional approach to shopping, and they will continue to provide insight on consumer behavior as the retail landscape changes.

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