GOODBITES launches monthly subscription box

Delivers the first raw, organic, and all handmade snack box straight to your door, making healthy snacking easier and more delicious than ever

GOODBITES, the superfood snack company best known for its acclaimed 100% organic, gluten free, raw and vegan snacks, today launched a subscription box service.  The service now enables health-conscious consumers to easily and efficiently access the delicious-tasting snacks from one of the fastest growing brands in the industry.

GOODBITES was originally founded in 2013 in response to consumer demand for better-tasting, high-quality, natural and healthy snacks.  Founder Angelica Xavier was driven by her personal story to create the product: Five years ago she was diagnosed with a genetic disease and was told by traditional medical practitioners that there was no cure.  As a fun-loving single mom, she refused to accept that as her reality and instead began researching how foodcould cure her illness.  After discovering a raw and vegan diet, Xavier began to feel like herself again.  However, she still had to convince her then teenage son to eat this type of diet, too.  As a result, Xavier began creating her own recipes, guided by two principles: 100% organic, gluten free, raw and vegan ingredients; and great-tasting snacks.  Today the GOODBITES brand continues its rapid retail expansion, and is currently available in over 130 stores— including Whole Foods and Dean & Deluca— across Los Angeles, Manhattan, the Hamptons, and more.

With the launch of its monthly subscription box service, GOODBITES continues its expansion, now enabling anyone across the country to access their unique brand of super-charged snacks.  Unlike most subscription boxes, GOODBITES makes each and every product by hand.  Subscription members choose from three beautifully hand-packed box sizes, which range from $27-$67/month and include both grab-and-go and full size offerings.  GOODBITES allows customers to change or cancel membership at any time.  GOODBITES is also launching an Office Box so that companies and employees can have supercharged snacks to get them through those long work days.  The office box is packed with over 80+ grab and go snacks and is only $199.

Recognized as a 2015 Martha Stewart American Made finalistthe company remains steadfast in its tireless quest to create the tastiest, most nourishing snacks on the market.  Every snack option is packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and does not contain any unhealthy sweeteners or hidden junk.  Xavier explains, “I was tired of snacks that tasted like cardboard.  I set out to craft delicious snacks that would let people thrive between meals.  GOODBITES are perfect for an on-the-go breakfast, post-workout fuel-up, or afternoon treat.”  Snacks range from sweet to savory and include items like Raw Cacao Truffles, ‘Cheesy’ Crackers, Curry Cashews, Cacao Cookies, Blonde Macaroons, and more.   They’re all made with consciously curated, premium ingredients, including superfoods like hemp seeds, goji berries, spirulina, and more.

GOODBITES subscription boxes are now available at