Chris Coulombe, Board Director at Cannabis Distribution Association

Filmed By: Jen Neville
November 9, 2018

Chris Coulombe Board Director Cannabis Distribution Association

Chris Coulombe is on the Board of Directors for the Cannabis Distribution Association and is also the CEO of Pacific Expeditors, an award-winning state-wide medical cannabis distribution company that specializes in logistics and fulfillment operations as well as government relations and business consulting. Chris has over 16-years of operational planning experience and is responsible for developing and leading one of the largest cannabis distribution operations in the State of California.  Pacific Expeditors made history as the first cannabis company to be recognized as The Company of the Year by the American Business Association. Their deep bench in California state policymaking, government compliance, and public affairs provides clients with an unparalleled level of insightful expertise.

Cannabis Market Insights

Chris Coulombe
Board Director
Cannabis Distribution Association

In the new era of safe and legal cannabis in California, the Humboldt County Growers Alliance have established themselves to advance the interests of legal and responsible cannabis businesses in Humboldt County.

We attended MEET THE BUYERS, an event where cannabis producers and distributors meet and forge new business relationships with each other to more efficiently provide high-quality, clean and reliable cannabis to consumers throughout the State of California.

This also provided a unique opportunity for members of the Cannabis Distribution Association to meet and greet more than 200 licensed Humboldt County cannabis producers. Humboldt County has the largest concentration of licensed cannabis businesses in the state, producing high-quality, clean and environmentally sustainable cannabis.

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