Ultrasonic Liquid Processing for Cannabis Extraction and Emulsification

Written By: Jen Neville
May 22, 2018

Take a deep dive into ultrasonic liquid processing for cannabis extraction and emulsification, with host Ellis Smith and guest Dr. Peshkovsky, Co-founder and President of Industrial Sonomechanics.

During their session, you’ll learn about:

*   How cannabis extracts can be made water-soluble.
*   The benefits of cannabis extract nanoemulsions.
*   Why translucency is important.
*   How water-soluble cannabis extracts be administered.
*   Increases in the bioavailability and why it acts faster.

*   The physical principle of ultrasonic extraction.
*   Potential advantages of this method compared to other extraction methods.

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Ellis Smith & Dr. Peshkovsky

cannabisextract Dr. Peshkovsky emulsification