Q&A with Taylor Trah, Formulation Manager for OutCo.

Recorded By: Jen Neville
October 29, 2018

Cannabis Taylor Trah

Welcome to Cannabis Market Insights, where we explore the latest developments, issues and trends affecting the Cannabis industry. Our host, Jason Keehn, will speak with operators, investors, policymakers, regulators, activists and more to get insights into the everchanging world of legalized cannabis.

Episode 2

In our second episode, Jason deep dives into the cannabis extraction processes with Taylor Trah, the Formulation Manager for OutCo, a vertically integrated licensed producer of medical cannabis in Southern California. Embracing wellness while rooted in science, OutCo delivers the highest quality products to their patient-members.

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Cannabis Market Insights Ep. 2 | Interview with Taylor Trah

Taylor Trah
Formulation Manager

Cannabis Market Insights extraction OutCo