California Drought

Obama’s Monetary Woes

By: The Infocast Water Team

Last year was one of the hottest ever recorded in the United States. California, in particular, has been affected more severely than other regions due to the longstanding drought. Residents have been concerned over the availability of drinking water. Govt. officials have two approaches to ensuring reliable access to water.

One approach, backed by the Environmental Protection Agency’s State Revolving Fund (SRF) pushes for the security and protection of local environments, effectively preventing water pollution. The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) works instead to clean up polluted local water sources and repair aging infrastructure.

President Obama has proposed a funding change for the 2017 fiscal budget, in which funds would be shifted from the SRF and redirected to the DWSRF. The total shift would see the EPA’s budget cut by nearly $400 million with only $158 million directed to the DWSRF. However, the proposed shift in funds came under heavy fire by Public Works Committee Chairman, Sen. Jim Inhofe, and Mae Wu of the Natural Resources Defense Council. They both criticized Obama for prioritizing the health of the climate over available drinking water. Wu called the shift of funds a short-term fix and a Band-Aid approach to the severe lack of investment in the water infrastructure of governing bodies.

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