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  • Learn the Storage Contracting Intricacies Needed to Assure Financeability of Offtake and Merchant Projects

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Storage is the fastest-growing alternative energy asset class, but the contract structures needed to assure financeability and mitigate project risks are not standardized or well understood. While storage is generally lumped in with solar, wind and other renewable assets, storage projects have many unique features that can create pitfalls for both offtakers and project developers if the most advanced contracting practices are not employed to mitigate risks, maximize revenues, and assure access to capital.

This master class will provide project developers, offtakers and financiers with an understanding of the state of the art in storage contracting, due diligence and what is needed to secure affordable financing for storage projects.

Attendees will:

  • Hear from utility and corporate offtakers what they are looking for in storage projects, and how that is affecting procurements
  • Learn how emerging policy and regulatory drivers are impacting storage project development, operations and revenue streams
  • Understand the key offtake structures being used now, and the potential issues with them
  • Take a deep dive into the complexities of solar + storage projects, and explore how to best capture merchant storage revenue streams and handle the tax implications of the ITC for battery storage
  • Delve into the changing landscape of EPC and O&M contracting for storage projects, and understand the technical due diligence needed to assure project performance
  • Get the perspectives of leading financiers on what they are looking for in energy storage projects



Relevant & Timely Content: 9.5 hours of in-depth, highly-relevant content and interactive learning conducted by a knowledgeable and respected industry leader as your class instructor. Bring your toughest problems for expert advice!

Competitive Advantage: Get tangible outcomes for immediate use and application!

  • Understand emerging policy and regulatory drivers that impact storage project development, operations and revenue streams
  • Address the additional contractual and operational concerns that Solar + Storage projects introduce that can affect project financeability and profitability
  • Dealing with the key tax issues to claim battery storage ITC
  • Learn how to take advantage of merchant storage revenue streams valuations

Live Office Hours

  • Engaging and in-depth live discussion and Q&A following each session
  • Real-time interaction with Instructors to get your most pressing questions answered

On-Demand Access

  • Attend remotely from wherever you are – from home or at the office
  • Unlimited access to all exclusive class recordings, content and materials for 30 days

Direct Connection

  • Receive personal attention from the class Instructors for questions unique to you
  • Connect with Instructors and other attendees to expand your professional network

Class Takeaways

The curriculum has been designed to allow participants to fully grasp today's most important topics, including:

  • What CCA, Utility and Corporate Offtakers are Looking for in Procurements
  • Storage Offtake Contract Structures and Assess Merchant Revenue Streams
  • Evolving Storage EPC/O&M Contract and Technical Due Diligence Issues
  • Deep Dive into the Operational, Tax and Contracting Issues of Solar + Storage Projects
  • Financiers’ Perspectives on What is Financeable


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