Renewables in Power Markets - Presented by Infocast
  • A unique deep dive into how to extract value for renewables from power markets and get an in- depth understanding of how to make quality decisions in buying, developing and investing in renewables in PJM, ERCOT, CAISO, MISO and SPP.

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A Unique Deep Dive into How to Extract Value for Renewables from Power Markets

Get an in-depth understanding of how to make good quality decisions in buying, developing and investing in renewables in PJM, ERCOT, CAISO, MISO and SPP.

  • Hear top forecasters share their views on price forecast and power market fundamentals
  • Stay on top of market design changes on the horizon—and what it means for your decision making
  • Pick up insights into how to better evaluate price curves, the merchant value of renewables and merchant tails
  • Get the latest information on the opportunities for hedge deals and their risks and challenges
  • Assessing and financing congestion and basis risk exposure
  • Hear how renewables’ links with power markets are impacting transaction structures and the quantification and allocation of risks

Renewables in Power Markets is designed to provide renewable energy buyers, developers, investors and financiers a more sophisticated understanding of the opportunities and risks for renewables in power markets and how to extract value from these markets. This timely event is a great chance to prepare attendees and their organization to take advantage of the coming opportunities and to make more informed buying, development and investment decisions.

Don’t miss the workshop, Power Markets, Renewable Deals and Risks. Increasingly power markets are impacting renewable origination and deal structures by introducing new risks into the mix. To help guide the renewables industry through this complex new landscape, the workshop is designed to provide a deep level of understanding of wholesale market risks and the way they play in offtake agreements. The workshop will then explore how these risks are being quantified and allocated in the marketplace. The workshop will be interactive, so bring your questions and be ready to engage.

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