Renewables and Wholesale Electricity Markets - Presented by Infocast
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The US electricity grid is experiencing a pace of change that has not been experienced since the liberation of wholesale markets in the mid 1990’s. Renewable mandates, voluntary corporate purchases, plus declining busbar costs for wind, solar, and batteries have triggered a massive deployment of renewables in markets all around the United States. These renewable resources must fit into the wholesale electricity grid, while at the same time they are forcing dramatic changes to the risks and rewards within each market.

The Renewables and Wholesale Electricity Markets Virtual Master Class is an advanced course for decision makers to gain in-depth understanding of how renewables fit into wholesale electricity markets. Leidos’ staff will present recent market data to illustrate trends and to highlight anomalies, drawing from experience advising dozens of buyers and sellers in the renewable marketplace. They will evaluate the impacts of market changes on asset performance and value, and will draw on decades of experience to highlight the key issues that matter most and differentiate the projects that will be successful from those which may falter.

The overall objective is for developers, investors and lenders to develop informed perspectives about wholesale markets and the attendant risks, enabling them to develop a clear outlook on how renewable energy projects will compete in regional markets both today and tomorrow. This objective will be furthered with real-life examples of what is happening with renewables right now in wholesale markets across the United States.

The course will be led by a team of professionals from Leidos, Inc. with decades of experience developing comprehensive understanding of market landscapes, applying robust modeling tools, and helping clients identify and seize the most profitable opportunities to achieve their transaction goals.

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  • Develop a deep understanding of how renewables fit into wholesale electric markets
  • Assess how changes to market fundamentals, policies and rules affect opportunities to provide power and energy from renewable assets
  • Learn how the deployment of energy storage can change the dynamics of electricity markets
  • Gain insights on how best to extract value out of renewables in regional markets, including ERCOT, PJM, NYISO, MISO and CAISO, as well as non-ISO/RTO markets across the West and Southeast


Virtual Office Hours

  • Exclusive access to the Class Instructors one week after the conclusion of the Master Class
  • Receive personal attention from the Class Instructors for questions unique to you

Live Discussion and Q&A

  • Engaging and interactive live discussion and Q&A after each session
  • Live participation: submit questions and comments in real-time for our expert Instructors

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  • Full access to all premium class content, sessions and materials

Class Outline

The curriculum has been designed to allow professionals to fully grasp today’s most important topics, including:

  • How regulatory, policy and market fundamentals changes are affecting renewables in wholesale power markets
  • How the expansion of renewables and energy storage are impacting potential revenue streams and opportunities in markets
  • Evaluation of the impacts of market structures and key factors, including the capacity mix, generation mix, and the prospects for new capacity additions, on forming successful strategies to extract value from renewables in each market

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