Canna Compliant Supply Chain - Presented by Infocast

Gain valuable distribution strategies for your products to be able to reach their target markets

Entrepreneurs are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into California’s “green rush,” developing a wide variety of cannabis products ranging from dried flower buds and oils and wax concentrates, to cannabis-infused edibles and drinks, tinctures, salves, and sprays.

However, new regulations have disrupted the growth and development of a cannabis supply chain resulting in supply shortages, considerable delays in the production and delivery of cannabis items, and price increases for adult-use products. All of this has boosted the growth of the cannabis black market. In order to combat the black market and create a functioning and compliant supply chain, appropriate operational procedures have to be created and a much-needed infrastructure be put into place.

Infocast has created “Canna Compliant Supply Chain Summit,” a one-of-a-kind event that will bring key decision makers, entrepreneurs and all members of the supply chain together so that they can start building the cannabis supply chain. The Canna Compliant Supply Chain Summit will provide a detailed look at what developments and challenges have resulted during the first year of a regulated California marijuana market and share some lessons learned and best practices.

Don’t miss the chance to:

  • Get the latest on the regulation implementation experience including early lessons learned from track and trace in California, and enforcement plans for 2019
  • Obtain information on: licensing, marketing, branding, testing, packaging and labeling, product storage and waste management
  • Improve your operational efficiencies and increase your margins
  • Negotiate successful contracts and build your supply chain to become and remain competitive in this emerging industry

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