COVID-19 Update as of June 15, 2021

It’s become clear that the world is facing an unprecedented challenge. Like you, we are deeply concerned and want to do what we can to help keep our communities and our families safe and healthy.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Infocast has decided to reschedule several of our upcoming events. We believe we are making the right, responsible decision for the safety and well-being of our participants and staff.

From the onset of this situation, we have been listening to the recommendations of the CDC and local public health organizations, to keep accurate and up-to-date information, and our preparedness plan reflects those inputs. As things evolve, we are actively monitoring the situation and assessing risks, and are ready to implement immediate changes to ensure a high-level of safety. We will continue to communicate with you in a timely and transparent way so you can continue to participate with us with confidence.

Over the coming weeks, we will explore other ways to evolve Infocast to best connect with our community. We hope you understand our decision regarding these meetings. As the situation unfolds, we will continue to review each meeting, and attempt to responsibly manage our schedule of events to minimize any risks to our attendees.

William Meyer
Owner and CEO
Information Forecast Inc. (“Infocast”)

For additional information, updates and guidance, please see the following links:

  • World Health Organization (WHO) Novel Coronavirus Daily Situation Reports: HERE
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Situation Summary: HERE
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Summary on Countries Where the U.S. Government Has Imposed Travel Bans: HERE