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Community Choice Aggregators and the Changing California Power Market

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According to CPUC’s estimates, 85% of electricity load from the IOUs will be served by other sources such as Community Choice Aggregators and rooftop solar by the mid-2020s. CCAs have an ambitious vision of procuring power for their customers from new, locally-sited solar, wind, geothermal and other renewable resources in order to boost job creation, support local economies, reduce GHG emissions and fight climate change.

Corporate Energy Procurement: Best Practices, Trends & Strategies

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The world of corporate energy procurement is continuing to mature, both in terms of the products and options that are available but also in terms of the market participants. Although many deals continue to occur with large single-load purchasers located in organized markets, we have also seen a proliferation of financial arrangements, pass-through deals, and other types of transactions that accommodate a purchaser’s size and location(s).

SunZia Southwest Transmission Project

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SunZia is a 515-mile, 500kV independent transmission project that will connect high-quality wind and solar resources in New Mexico and southern Arizona with markets in the West. The Project comprises two single-circuit 500kV alternating-current transmission lines and a number of substations, with an east to west rating of 3,000 MW. Development of the Project commenced in 2006 and construction of the first line is expected to commence by the middle of 2018 with commercial operation planned for late 2020.

Learn How to Increase Customer Engagement Under NY REV

The webinar will identify key strategies for engaging and communicating with customers under the NY REV. With customers playing an integral role in the overall system, attendees will gain valuable insight in how to increase customer engagement. Learn the means and technologies you can use to effectively communicate with prosumers and commercial customers.

Why a Renewable Energy PPA is one of the Most Powerful Tools in Your Sustainability Toolbox

By: Amy Haddon, VP of Communications & Engagement, Renewable Choice Energy

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that seismic shifts have been underway in how we’re generating energy worldwide, and how those actions play into international goals around carbon emission reductions.  What you may not know is the important role businesses have played in the renewable energy tipping point or why corporations are pursuing renewables so doggedly.

Regulated & Deregulated Energy Markets

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By: Customer First Renewables

If your company operates in more than one state, or electricity grid, you might also be operating in both regulated and deregulated energy markets. When you are making decisions about purchasing energy, it is important to know the difference between these markets and develop a plan that will make sure your company gets the right renewable energy solution.

How to Succeed at Renewables Procurement

Brian Carey, George Favaloro | PwC

A renewables purchase can save companies money and help transform our collective energy system. But it introduces new technologies and unfamiliar contracting approaches to an organization that may lack renewables procurement knowledge and expertise.

Puget Sound Energy Reports to the Washington UTC on the Progress of its Efforts to Join the CAISO Energy Imbalance Market; CAISO Releases Study Chronicling Benefits of a Regional Energy Market

Eric Jay and Kari Vander Stoep | K&L Gates

Puget Sound Energy (“PSE”) recently presented to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (“WUTC”) regarding the steps it is taking to join the California-based Energy Imbalance Market (“EIM”) this coming fall. WUTC Docket No. 151425 (July 20, 2016).

A Corporate Renewables Q&A with John Powers of Renewable Choice Energy

In this blog, we’re talking to John Powers, VP of Strategic Renewables at Renewable Choice Energy, and a speaker at our upcoming Corporate Renewables 2016 event.

John, what’s happening today in the corporate renewables landscape?

Globally, thousands of companies are pursuing renewable energy as a means to meet their economic and environmental goals.