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Unpacking the DER Tech Stack

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“Distributed Energy Resources” or “DERs connotes a variety of energy sources on the grid, typically consumer- based assets. Delivery of these energy assets increasingly relies on a complex “stack” or set of layers of software, communications, protocols, standards, firmware, and hardware controls. This “DER Stack” is in a state of ongoing evolution as the underlying technologies evolve and the market grows for granular, bi-directional flows of electrons.

Top 10 Solar Industry Trends & Challenges Today

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Get an inside look at the top trends in the solar industry today. Hear from key solar players on the opportunities and challenges in the increasingly diversified U.S. solar market.

Tap into the latest industry movements, get an informed perspective on the business development outlook and stay abreast of the solar finance and investment landscape. Gain insight into the most critical solar challenges in the market and how best to position your company to overcome them.

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Is Cleaner Energy in Virginia’s Future?


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Some answer the knock of opportunity. When that opportunity is cleaner energy, Virginia is welcoming it in and offering it some coffee and a place to stay. The state is eagerly looking to relinquish its crown of coal with statewide and even local decisions toward clean energy initiatives.