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Overcoming Inventory Allocation Obstacles in an Omnichannel World

José Chan | Celect

Having the right product, in the right place, at the right time and the right price in retail, is one of the oldest and greatest challenges retailers and brands face. The logistical complexity of this problem is magnified when we consider that retailers must address this issue in an omnichannel environment where consumers expect the physical and digital worlds to be seamlessly integrated.

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6 Step Checklist for Omnichannel Marketing Success

Babar Khan Javed | customerTHINK

An omnichannel marketing experience is a bit of a contradiction for some because it is often spoken of as a short-term tactic, while its name is implicitly about having a constant omnipresence over the targeted customer.

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How Technological and Environmental Changes are Altering the 3PL Landscape

Press Release | Research and Markets

A new report titled “Global Contract Logistics 2017” was released by Research and Markets. The report provides analysis and evaluation of future practices expected in the industry.

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3PL Market: Flourishing Ecommerce Industry Augmenting Demand

Press Release | Transparency Market Research

A recent study by Transparency Market Research (TMR) has detected that government initiatives to improve infrastructure across several emerging economies is the primary factor that is augmenting the demand in the global third party logistics (3PL) market.

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Third Party Logistics Market is Expected to Reach 1.24 Trillion USD by 2025

Press Release | Reportlinker

The global Third Party Logistics (3PL) market is expected to reach USD 1.24 trillion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The increasing outsourced-logistics functions availed by middle market companies to address their logistics challenges, are expected to positively impact the industry growth.

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The Omnichannel Experience Consumers Are Craving

Alice Chen | Payfirma

Aided by technology and accustomed to instant connections, consumers are craving an omnichannel experience when they’re shopping. Omnichannel means the holistic way that a brand’s channels and touch points interact with a customer. It boils down to a cohesive, continuous, and seamless experience across all channels — no matter the way a consumer connects with a brand.

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Advantages of Omnichannel Marketing Over Multichannel Marketing

Yash Vardhan | Boomtrain

The surge in modern technology coupled with new marketing strategies, brings  a new wave of marketing jargon that every marketer has to get acquainted with and adapt accordingly.

Today, people consume information via various screens and devices. The early 2000s used to be so comfortable, right? Online information and media consumption wasn’t so scattered. Desktop was our only way to the world wide web and all the information was available on a single window.

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Omnichannel Retail Strategies: Everything You Need to Know

Patrick Antinozzi | RapidWebLaunch

Omnichannel is one of those buzzwords you’re going to be hearing a lot. (if you haven’t already) Your first question is naturally going to be “What is omnichannel?” Your follow up to that is probably “Why should I care?”

The short answer? If you’re involved in the retail industry in any way, you should care a great deal.

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Three Ways Omnichannel Support Helps Boost Customer Loyalty

Robert C Johnson | TeamSupport

The phrase omnichannel support continues to evolve. Simply offering support through one channel—be it phone, email or live chat—isn’t good enough anymore and doesn’t meet the needs of your customers. Omnichannel support, when utilized properly, can be a boost to your customer loyalty and the overall long-term satisfaction of your customer relationships.

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The Top 100 Omnichannel Retailers of 2017

Press Release | Total Retail 

One hundred publicly traded retailers were ranked on their omnichannel efficiency by Total Retail. Each retailer was scored based on the omnichannel experiences they currently offer their customers.

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Transitioning into Omnichannel: What You Need to Know

Press | Port Logistics Group

Everyone recognizes that the retail industry is in the midst of a phenomenal transition driven by always-on digital consumers who are molding the shopping experience to fit their lifestyles. They expect speed, convenience, multiple product choices and ease of use. They want to shop whenever, wherever and however they choose and demand fast delivery and no-hassle returns. And while they may not recognize it yet, they want all of this delivered in a seamless, consistent brand experience.

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Are You Ready for an Omnichannel Transformation?

Press | Fortna Inc.

Companies are investing in omnichannel distribution operations to drive competitive advantage and grow revenue.  Omnichannel DCs promise better utilization of labor and inventory by leveling off the peaks and valleys of individual channels.  And they often make it easier to justify automation.  But omnichannel transformations are often complex, multi-year projects.

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Why Omnichannel Consumers Are So Valuable

Katherine DeMetre | Infocast Events

Retailers are finding that supplying different touch points help create a new shopping experience. Consumers are quickly figuring out how to integrate this experience into their daily lives. From this, a new breed of shopper was born: the omnichannel consumer.

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The Most Important Challenge in Locating a Retail Distribution Center

By: E Smith Realty Parnters

In the past when selecting a site location for a distribution center the first considerations would be inbound/outbound transportation costs, rental rates, number of existing buildings, price of land, taxes, incentives, and cost of labor. 

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