9th Annual Transmission Summit West - Presented by Infocast

Explore Transmission Planning & Investment in an Uncertain Market

2017 brings unprecedented uncertainty to transmission executives and planners. Integration of renewable energy, the accelerating growth of the duck curve, and the shuttering of large coal plants are driving an uncertain path to regionalization, deployment of energy storage and other non-wires alternatives, and a lack of surety in where long-term investments in transmission can be justified. At the same time, the states are coming to the forefront in pursuing clean energy policies that depend on regional transmission solutions and expansions.

The 9th Annual Transmission Summit West will provide the clearest window into the policy, regulatory and changing operational realities facing the industry, and the business strategies leading executives will pursue to ensure reliability and seize development opportunities.

This Summit will focus on “Transmission Planning in an Uncertain Market”. Leading policymakers, utility and independent transmission executives will discuss the paths forward for regionalization efforts, and where we are heading on interregional studies, regional planning, and FERC Order 1000 projects. They will also provide an inside look at the lessons learned on some of today’s most ambitious transmission projects.

The Transmission Executive Forum West will address “The State of the West and the Transformation of the Electric Sector.” Key executives will discuss how plant closures and the growth of state RPS will drive transmission needs, investment in storage and other non-wires technologies to ensure reliability and enhance flexibility.

Learn how to profit through the most uncertain period in the transmission industry’s history at the 9th Annual Transmission Summit West!

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Participating Organizations

  • ABB Inc
  • AES Energy Storage
  • APS
  • Arizona Corporation Commission
  • Belval Connections
  • Bonneville Power Administration
  • California Energy Storage Alliance
  • Centro Nacional De Control De Energía (CENACE)
  • Clean Line Energy Partners
  • ColumbiaGrid
  • CPUC
  • CTC Global Corporation
  • DATC
  • Energy Strategies
  • First Solar
  • Fix the Grid Coalition
  • Hecate Energy LLC
  • Hunt Power
  • Idaho Power
  • Idaho Public Utilities Commission
  • John Hancock
  • Lindsey Manufacturing Company
  • LS Power
  • More Than Smart
  • NRDC
  • NV Energy
  • Pattern Energy
  • PG&E
  • ScottMadden, Inc.
  • Southwestern Power Group
  • Southern California Edison
  • SPP
  • Starwood Energy Group Global, LLC
  • Stoel Rives LLP
  • The Brattle Group
  • TransCanyon
  • Utah Governor's Office of Energy Development
  • Vote Solar
  • WestConnect
  • Western Area Power Administration
  • Western Resource Advocates
  • Xcel Energy


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As the only industrial enterprise software solution provider with a combined IT/OT offering, ABB and our select partner ecosystem work seamlessly to execute best of breed solutions for your most critical business objectives. More than 1,100 asset-intensive companies globally trust our solutions to keep the lights on for the world’s largest cities & venues, predict asset failures to ensure reliability for millions of rail commuters, and align mining production and operations resources in pursuit of their commercial strategies.

ABB’s Energy Portfolio Management (EPM) group, provides a comprehensive offering of information, advisory, and software applications to support energy market participants and market operators to assess infrastructure investments such as new power stations and transmission lines as well as provide critical information and systems to support energy operations. With over 30 years of market experience, EPM supports over 500 customers around the world and improves mission critical investments, trading, and operations decisions.

ScottMadden, Inc.


ScottMadden is the management consulting firm that does what it takes to get it done right. Our practice areas include Energy, Clean Tech & Sustainability, Corporate & Shared Services, and Grid Transformation. We deliver a broad array of consulting services ranging from strategic planning through implementation across many industries, business units, and functions.



STOEL RIVES LLP is a U.S. law firm, with a full suite of transactional and litigation solutions for U.S. and international clients. Established in 1907, the firm has nearly 400 attorneys operating out of 11 offices in seven states and the District of Columbia. Representative clients include financial institutions, public and private utilities, energy and renewable energy companies, developers, manufacturers, retailers, hospitals, universities, agribusinesses, software companies, food and beverage companies, charitable foundations, telecommunications and forestry companies, among others. We represent businesses at all stages of growth, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Bold Transmission


Recognizing common challenges faced by the industry, American Electric Power (AEP) asked its engineering teams to find a way to move more power through an existing right-of-way. The engineers delivered not only a solution for increased capacity but a design that enables reduced structure heights and increased efficiencies.

BOLD Transmission, LLC is a subsidiary of AEP Transmission Holding Company formed to facilitate use of the BOLD intellectual property through commercial ventures. The BOLD technology is available through licensing or direct partnerships.

BOLD was first deployed on the AEP system to increase capacity in a crowded right-of-way near Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The new line delivered the capacity of a 345-kV line in an existing 138-kV corridor, while increasing efficiency and mitigating magnetic field effects. A second BOLD line was energized this summer in northwest Indiana and another will begin construction next year in Ohio.

CTC Global


CTC Global Corporation, based in Irvine, California developed, tested and produces the composite core used in ACCC® bare overhead conductors. The ACCC conductor, produced in association with 22 international stranding partners including General Cable, Lamifil, Conduspar and others, leverages advanced carbon fiber technology to help improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability and resiliency of electric power grids worldwide. The ACCC conductor offers greater strength, higher capacity and lower line losses compared to any other bare overhead conductor on the market today. Line loss reductions range from 25 to 40% or more. Reduced line losses not only reduces fuel consumption and associated emissions, it also frees up generation capacity that is otherwise wasted. For more information visit our website or call +1(949)428-8500. To date over 40,000 km of ACCC has been deployed to more than 400 projects in 40 countries.

Duke-American Transmission Co (DATC)


Duke-American Transmission Co. is a transmission developer jointly owned by Duke Energy, the largest utility in the U.S., and American Transmission Co., a national leader in transmission development. Formed in 2011 to plan and develop strategic transmission projects across the U.S. and Canada, DATC partners share the same vision for transmission development.

From concept to completion, DATC is a transmission project life-cycle expert, ready to partner with stakeholders to achieve transmission goals, including:

  • Transmission planning
  • Building and facilitating regulatory relationships
  • Navigating the regulatory process
  • Stakeholder outreach
  • Real estate, easement acquisition
  • Transmission line, substation design
  • Project management
  • Commissioning
  • Transmission system, line operation

Lindsey Manufacturing Co.


LINDSEY offers SMARTLINE, the next generation Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) system providing dispatchable line capacity forecasts from 1-hour to 1-week ahead. SMARTLINE provides both thermal-limit and electrical clearance compliant ratings, simple live-line installation, and exceptionally reliable communications. Lindsey Emergency Restoration System (ERS) structures have been key to transmission grid resilience for over three decades. ERS structures are reusable modular, easily transportable transmission towers that may be pre-staged for rapid response to tower collapse. Interchangeable parts make them ideal for utility asset sharing programs.  ERS structures are also used for routine construction and maintenance projects.

Cleantech San Diego


Energy Insight


Energy Insight is an independent web journal focused on renewable energy in every form including solar, wind, biofuel, hydrokinetic, and geothermal power.

Navigant Research


Navigant Research is a market research and consulting team that provides in-depth analysis of global clean technology markets. The team’s research methodology combines supply-side industry analysis, end-user primary research and demand assessment, and deep examination of technology trends to provide a comprehensive view of these industry sectors.

Power Markets Today


Power Markets Today is published 245 times per year on business days by Modern Markets Intelligence Inc. PMT’s mission is to deliver exclusive news chronicling ongoing efforts to open competitive wholesale and retail energy markets with in-depth analysis on why some fail and others succeed.

RTO Insider


RTO Insider™ is your eyes and ears on the organized electric markets, putting you “inside the room” at PJM Interconnection, MISO, NYISO, ISO-NE and SPP. We provide independent, objective coverage and analysis of the wholesale electric industry’s markets and policymaking, saving you time and ensuring you don’t miss the issues most important to your interests.

Features include:

  • Coverage of key RTO/ISO committee, subcommittee and task force meetings. We’ll be there when you can’t.
  • Coverage of news events impacting the industry throughout the 35 states managed by the RTOs/ISOs.
  • Coverage of state and federal regulatory (FERC, EPA) & legislative news affecting RTO/ISO stakeholders.
  • Issue Briefs: Concise summaries of major issues (e.g., Order 1000, EPA’s 111(d) rule).

What RTO Insider isn’t: We are not advocates or representatives. You can trust that our coverage will not be slanted to the interests of any member or membership sector.

What RTO Insider is: A source for both the big picture (e.g. analyses of major FERC rulings and RTO stakeholder developments) and the details (why is Manual 28 being changed and what does that mean to me?)

Smart Grid Today


Smart Grid Today‘s mission is to deliver daily, unbiased, comprehensive and original reporting on emerging trends, applications and policies driving the modern utility industry — in a signature format our founders have developed over 40 years in the trade news business, featuring highly concise and easy-to-understand news copy based on trusted reporting, exclusive interviews, informed analysis and strategic insights that our subscribers rely on to succeed every business day. SmartGridToday.com features a complete searchable archive of over 4,000 past stories and hundreds of downloadable PDF files, events calendar, discounts on selected items and more.  Do not miss out on a single day of the deepest reporting on the smart grid you can find anywhere. Visit our website to sign up for a 14-day risk-free trial today.

Stratton Report


As the power industry finds innovative ways of financing and delivering assets and services, the Stratton Report is there with coverage and analysis of deals, developments, and innovation in business models, policy and technologies. Our coverage includes everything you need to know about today’s world of electric power finance, clean generation and distributed grid innovation. We provide interactions with experts, innovators, and key industry players. We deliver insight via traditional journalism, social media, video content, and face-to-face meetings.

Utility Dive


Utility Dive covers industry news and provides original analysis on the latest happenings in utility and energy. Their mission is to provide busy executives with a bird’s-eye-view of the utilities industry in 60 seconds. With a mobile-optimized daily email newsletter, website, and app, Utility Dive keeps you informed on the go. You’ll get coverage of topics such as smart grid, energy efficiency, regulation and policy, grid security, distributed generation, renewable energy, and more.

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