Key Decision Makers Meet in L.A. to Drive the Rapid Adoption of Additive Manufacturing

Now in its fourth year, Infocast’s Additive Innovation Summit (formerly Additive/Aerospace) returns once again to Los Angeles, hub of both “NewSpace” and “tradspace.” This year located at LAX in El Segundo – minutes from SpaceX, VirginGalactic, NorthrupGrumman, Boeing Space Systems, RocketLab, and LA Air Force Base/Space Missile Command. We again showcase a full day of OEM “Power Users”, supplemented by a half day around materials, processes, MRO, composites and funding/partnering strategies. Join us again as this transformational technology further penetrates aviation, space and other verticals!

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Site Tour of Virgin Galactic

Thursday, October 20, 2016
3:00 – 4:00 PM

Limited to only 20 people

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AlphaSTAR Corporation is a leading engineering services and software company that provides innovative physics-based simulation technologies for structural modeling and analysis of advanced composite structures in the aerospace, automotive, defense, and energy industries worldwide. As a solution provider, AlphaSTAR partners with Altair, ANSYS, MSC Software, DS Simulia, and LSTC. AlphaSTAR‘s simulation software, GENOA,  augments traditional FE Solvers (NASTRAN, ABAQUS, ANSYS, and others) to extend their capabilities to multi-scale analysis for the determination of failure, damages, strength, and life thereby enabling engineers to assess where, when, why, and how failure occurs.

AlphaSTAR is a recipient of the 2015 R&D 100 award for simulation of additive manufacturing with its product GENOA 3D which accurately predicts deflection, residual stress, damage initiation and crack growth formation. It also visualizes damages in the printed structure and traces it directly to 3D printing variables (deposition speed, bead width, overall path, and other variables).



AP&C manufactures powders with the unique Plasma Atomization process. The powders are near perfect spheres with high flow rates and apparent density. The PA process also enables excellent purity and low oxygen content. AP&C powders are ideal for Additive Manufacturing with the Laser and EMB processes. Other applications for PA powders are HIP and MIM.

Alloy Program

Titanium alloys: Ti 6-4, CP Ti, Ti 6-2-4-2 and Ti 5-5-5-3. Other Ti alloys are available on request.

AP&C has the capability to atomize high melting point powders like Nb, C-103 and W.

IN718 and other Super Alloys are produced with exceptionally low inclusion levels.

AP&C also offers advanced copper alloys for rocket nozzle applications.

AP&C Advanced Powders is a subsidiary of Arcam AB.

Concept Laser


Concept Laser is one of the world’s leading provider of machine and plant technology for the 3D printing of metal components. Founded by Frank Herzog in 2000, the patented LaserCUSING® process – powder-bed-based laser melting of metals – opens up new freedom to configuring components and also permits the tool-free, economic fabrication of highly complex parts in fairly small batch sizes. Grapevine, TX is the US headquarters.

EOS e-Manufacturing Solutions


Founded in 1989, EOS is the global technology and quality leader for high-end Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions. As the leading pioneer of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology, EOS also provides a unique polymer AM portfolio. For these industrial 3D Printing processes, EOS offers a modular solution portfolio including systems, software, materials, technical and consulting services. EOS is the partner of choice for industrial AM production, enabling sustainable solutions for the industry. Customers utilizing EOS AM solutions gain many benefits from the paradigm-shifting technology: lightweight structures, cost reduction based on functional integration, individualization as well as accelerated product development and production.

SLM Solutions


SLM Solutions is a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing systems that optimize fast and cost-efficient part production. With multi-laser options, bi-directional recoating, an open system architecture for materials and parameters and the safest operation with closed-loop powder handling, Selective Laser Melting systems achieve build speeds up to 70% faster for complex and completely dense metal parts.

These powerful and innovative machines, available in three sizes with single, dual and quad laser capabilities, support an optimal approach for faster, more flexible metal part production and prototype development across the aerospace, automotive, academia, energy and medical industries. Headquartered in Lübeck, Germany, SLM Solutions Group is a publically traded company (TecDax) with its North American offices located in Metro-Detroit.



Tekna has been the world leader in the design and development of integrated inductively coupled plasma systems for the past 25 years. These systems are used in a variety of industrial processes, from the synthesis of nanomaterials to the production of micrometric spherical powders. As a new product for 2015, Tekna is proud to launch a high quality spherical Ti-6Al-4V (grade 23) on the market; specifically engineered for additive manufacturing.

3D Material Technologies


3D Material Technologies is a division of ARC Group Worldwide. 3DMT is an Additive Metal Service Center offering 2 different metal technologies in North America with a total of 13 machines from EOS, Concept Laser. With a long history in Powder Metals ARC Group World finds itself uniquely situated to take full advantage of offering Additive metals to its current customer base while building key partnerships in industries like Aerospace, Medical Device, Space Propulsion, DOD and DOE Markets.



CalRAM is a dynamic company whose mission is to become a worldwide leader in additive manufacturing. Using Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion (ePBF)  and LASER Powder Bed Fusion (lPBF) equipment, CalRAM’s innovative part-to-print technology and practices generates prototypes and low-rate production components in Aluminum, Cobalt Chrome, Stainless Steel, and Titanium alloys. Our engineering and quality assurance departments ensure that our additive manufacturing capabilities and methods save time and money while providing superior quality over rival manufacturing technologies for our customers.

CalRAM is actively engaged in partnerships with several leading Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology institutes and corporations including The University of Texas at El Paso, Carnegie Mellon, Penn State, EWI, Northrup Grumman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and others.  These partnerships keep us on the cutting edge of the current state of the art for AM and allow us to provide some of the most advanced production services available in the market today.

Go Engineer


GoEngineer delivers software, technology and expertise that enable companies to unlock design innovation and deliver better products faster. With more than 30 years experience and thousands of customers in high tech, medical, machine design, energy and other industries, GoEngineer provides best-in-class design solutions from SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys 3D printing, Creaform 3D scanning, CAMWorks, Altium and PLM.



As one of the first Metal Additive Manufacturing service providers in the country, GPI Prototype & Manufacturing Services Inc. has the expertise to take our clients from early prototyping all the way to finished, small run manufacturing. Specializing in Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM), GPI produces prototypes and end-use parts with complex geometries not possible with traditional machining. Our engineers and consultants work with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies in the medical, aerospace and defense industries to students in university laboratories. Dedicated to maintaining cutting edge technology, GPI helps our clients rethink and revolutionize the way their parts are designed and manufactured. With 25 dedicated employees and 10 metal additive manufacturing machines at our Lake Bluff, IL location, GPI can produce complex design, fully dense parts from materials including 3 stainless steels, maraging steel, cobalt chrome, titanium, aluminum and nickel alloy.

GPI is pleased to be ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, and AS9100:2009 Rev-C certified and ITAR registered.



Laserline diode lasers are a well-established technology and have proven their value for more than 18 years in a wide range of applications with several thousand systems installed, ranging from industrial production to R&D. Laserline is a dynamically growing high-tech company with its own research & development, production and sales, headquartered in Germany with subsidiaries in the US and several Asian countries. The company has become synonymous with this type of innovative technology.

Welding of steel and aluminum, cladding as well as brazing and hardening are the key application areas of our lasers. Also for new manufacturing methods such as additive manufacturing or the welding of carbon fiber reinforced polymers, our diode lasers are the perfect tools. Multi kilowatt output power or high brightness for small focus diameters and distances: Laserline diode lasers provide a wide range of capabilities and can be utilized as stand-alone systems or as an integrated part in complete industrial production lines.

Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc.


Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc. offers a complete line of powders including Titanium, Nickel, Cobalt and Iron based materials for Additive Manufacturing, Thermal Spray and other applications in its portfolio of metallic and ceramic materials. We offer one of the world’s most advanced powder manufacturing facilities and an engineering staff dedicated to developing customized innovative powder solutions to exceed the needs of our markets. Proven performance in the aerospace industry continues to keep us in a leading position as a global supplier of powders and other advanced materials. Stop by our booth to see samples, ask questions and hear the latest news related to Additive Manufacturing from a global leader in the metal powder industry.

Purple Platypus


Visser Precision


Technology Driven. People Powered.

Visser Precision offers its partners a new way to solve existing challenges and develop solutions for emergent challenges through the development of new, advanced manufacturing strategies, and the processing of advanced alloys.

As a leader in Amorphous Metal Casting, Additive Manufacturing, and Machining of Metal Matrix Composites & other Super Alloys, Visser Precision has unique abilities to solve many engineering challenges.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for each manufacturing demand. Designers and engineers can exploit the technology offered by Visser Precision to either create a geometry that would be otherwise not possible to manufacture, or exploit the properties of new alloys to allow parts to perform above and beyond current expectations.

Areas of focus for Visser Precision include light weighting & improved strength/stiffness, reduced production costs of complex components, mirrors & optic systems, heat mitigation & fluid transfer, reactive fragmentation, and overall fragmentation strategies.

Aerospace & Defense Forum


For over five years The Aerospace & Defense Forum has been facilitating business-focused communication, collaboration, and commerce within the global aerospace and defense community. Monthly chapter meetings, presentations by industry leaders, tours of A&D facilities, a resource-rich website, and other communication channels implement the organization’s purpose through sharing of information, current events, and analysis, mutual support and encouragement, partnering, and opportunities for innovation and performance breakthroughs. There are currently over 1300 members of the community and chapters in Los Angeles, Torrance, Irvine, San Diego, Phoenix, and Dallas-Ft. Worth.



Lightspeed Innovations


​LightSpeed Innovations is the aerospace start-up factory. We work across the spectrum of space and aviation and all technologies in-between.

We believe in hard work, disruptive start-up concepts, sound strategy, solid teamwork, and bias towards execution. We subscribe to the pay-it-forward philosophy, believing that will enable a strong start-up ecosystem in the aerospace sector.  We provide businesses with access to a network of relevant mentors and advisors, and work hard to connect companies with the resources to succeed.

Make It In LA


MAKE IT IN LA is Mayor Garcetti’s new region-wide initiative to connect and celebrate the nation’s largest community of makers. We’re a coalition of organizations whose mission is to support the manufacturing ecosystem and inspire entrepreneurs to turn their passions into real products in LA.

Starburst Accelerator


Starburst provides access to seed funding from the top business angels and venture capital firms dedicated to Aerospace, Defense and Security as well as access to the largest aerospace group stakeholders to get your first 1M$ contract.

SVSC (Silicon Valley Space Center)


Silicon Valley Space Center provides business acceleration, strategic direction and angel level funding for startup companies within the growing NewSpace industry in Silicon Valley. We assist start-up and early-stage companies with the commercialization of their innovative products or services. We regularly host events and workshops to bring together the vast array of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and investors who share a passion for shaping the future of space exploration. Join SVSC and become part of this group on the forefront of NewSpace in Silicon Valley.

3D Metal Printing


3D Metal Printing magazine will be published quarterly, beginning first-quarter 2016, by the Precision Metalforming Association, in partnership with MecklerMedia. This exciting new publication targets designers, engineers, executives and others working in industries where applications for metal additive manufacturing promise to rapidly expand–aerospace, automotive, tooling, power generation, medical and others. It will offer expert commentaries, solid technical updates, in-depth feature articles and case studies, and much more.

AutoHarvest Foundation


AutoHarvest Foundation, a 501(C)3 nonprofit, operates a unique web-based innovation ecosystem led by highly respected figures in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

CIO Review


CIOReview is a technology magazine that talks about the enterprise solutions that can redefine the business goals of enterprises tomorrow. It is the leading source that shares innovative enterprise solutions developed by established solutions providers, upcoming hot enterprises and is a neutral source for technology decision makers. Published from Fremont, California, CIOReview is an excellent platform for the enterprise to showcase their innovative solution.

Space Tech Expo and Conference 2017


In its sixth year, Space Tech Expo and Conference 2017 continues to grow in its new venue in Pasadena. As America’s engineering meeting place for space technology, the exhibition draws attendance of thousands of industry leaders, decision makers, engineers, specifiers and buyers to meet manufacturers and the supply chain for civil, military and commercial space.

The free-to-attend exhibition offers industry buyers an unrivaled opportunity to source the latest products, systems and engineering services, stay up-to-date with market requirements and cutting-edge supplier innovations, network and share knowledge. Running parallel to the exhibition, Space Tech Conference will once again offer perspectives from leading military, government and defense organizations.

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