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  • satellite-soyuz-spaceship-space-station-41006

    The Satellite Analytics Market

    There’s a new way for firms to analyse global economic developments and events, by viewing them from space. While satellite analytics have been available to governments for decades, high-resolution satellite imagery is fast becoming the last Cold War technology to be made widely available for...
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  • micro1017

    The Coming Age of the Smart Green City Building

    Date: Oct. 17, 2016 What kind of buildings will be in the smart cities of tomorrow? While the cities of the future will still be home to older historical and other buildings that are not energy-efficient good citizens of the power grid, the move will increasingly be to smart green...
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  • driverless1017

    New Survey Finds that 75% of U.S. Drivers Are Excited about Driverless Cars

    Date: Oct. 17, 2016 We have to admit that we are developing a slight case of whiplash from watching recent surveys of opinions about autonomous cars. Some surveys report that very few drivers are attracted to self-driving cars, while others report just the opposite. Perhaps opinions are varied...
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