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  • usdot

    Quick View: Inside The Department of Transportation’s Automated Vehicles Policy

    The Federal Automated Vehicles Policy, released on September 21 by the U.S. Department of Transportation, is a 116-page document that has the potential to shape the cars we own, the roads we drive on, competition in the automotive industry, and lots more.

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  • solarpanel

    The World Starts to Light Up with Battery Power

    Lots has been happening in the world of batteries since July, when Tesla opened its $5 billion Gigafactory in the Nevada desert. Battery production is ramping up there in two distinct product areas: batteries for use in Tesla automobiles and sleek-looking new Powerwall batteries for use in buildings. According to Tesla, each Powerwall battery can… Read more »

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  • Microgrids Blog Image

    Is the Age of Supergrids about to Dawn?

    As the “make electricity here, use it here” philosophy takes hold, many trend-watchers are focused on microgrids. But supergrids are attracting attention too. The MIT Technology Review, named them one of its “10 Breakthrough Technologies,” because of their ability to utilize high-voltage direct current power lines to carry electricity much further than AC power cables… Read more »

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  • drone technology design, vector illustration eps10 graphic

    Inside Arpa-E’s $30 Million NEXTCAR Program

    What kind of automotive projects are being funded by the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Project Agency for Energy (Arpa-E)? If you scroll through a list of the projects, you’ll see that most of them have to do with the development of new automotive fuels and batteries.

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  • drone technology design, vector illustration eps10 graphic

    There Once Was a Van that Swallowed a Drone….

    Tapping the Power of Combined Technologies Companies that combine two cutting-edge technologies are discovering some surprising benefits and possibilities.

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  • microgrid

    Why Microgrids Will Become Cheaper, Smarter and More Agile in the Next Two Years

    How are microgrids changing? Let’s take a quick look at how microgrids that will be installed in two years could be dramatically different from today’s advanced installations.

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