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  • microgridsblogwater

    Where Batteries and Water Meet . . . Irvine, CA, Equips its City Water System with Tesla Batteries

    Date: Oct. 11, 2016 - What happens when you equip a city’s water system with advanced batteries made by Tesla? We don’t know for certain yet. However, we do know that Irvine, CA, is partnering with Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS) to do it. AMS reports that the result will be the biggest...
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  • driverless10172

    Four Unexpected Ways Self-Driving Cars Will Change the World

    Date: Oct. 17, 2016 “Here is What the Future Looks Like in a World of Self-Driving Cars,” an article that Venky Ganesan wrote for AlleyWatch.com on October 7, is a real eye-opener. Ganesan points out four major ways that the world will change if self-driving cars become commonplace. All...
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  • driverless1017

    New Survey Finds that 75% of U.S. Drivers Are Excited about Driverless Cars

    Date: Oct. 17, 2016 We have to admit that we are developing a slight case of whiplash from watching recent surveys of opinions about autonomous cars. Some surveys report that very few drivers are attracted to self-driving cars, while others report just the opposite. Perhaps opinions are varied...
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  • microgrid10172

    Will Hydrogen Be the Savior of Overloaded Microgrids?

    Date: Oct. 17, 2016 What sources of power can be counted on to back up microgrids when power from utilities runs low? We all think first about solar, batteries, wind, hydro and geothermal. But what about hydrogen? Maybe we should be thinking about that too. Here’s a video from the National...
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