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  • Smart City

    The Role of Passive Radiation in Smart Grid Design

    The smart cities of tomorrow will be increasingly powered and heated by the sun. But not all solar-generated power will come from solar panels located on buildings or in fields nearby. A lot of the energy will be passively collected by the buildings themselves. And thanks to increasingly intelligent designs, smart self-heating buildings are posed… Read more »

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  • autonomous

    Self-Driving Cars Edge Out Brad and Angelina on the Nightly News

    Two big news stories broke on September 20, 2016. The first was that the DOT had issued a new policy about self-driving cars. The second was that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were getting divorced. Which story got more coverage? The story about autonomous cars, at least on the news outlets that I monitor. Apparently… Read more »

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  • usdot

    Quick View: Inside The Department of Transportation’s Automated Vehicles Policy

    The Federal Automated Vehicles Policy, released on September 21 by the U.S. Department of Transportation, is a 116-page document that has the potential to shape the cars we own, the roads we drive on, competition in the automotive industry, and lots more.

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  • solarpanel

    The World Starts to Light Up with Battery Power

    Lots has been happening in the world of batteries since July, when Tesla opened its $5 billion Gigafactory in the Nevada desert. Battery production is ramping up there in two distinct product areas: batteries for use in Tesla automobiles and sleek-looking new Powerwall batteries for use in buildings. According to Tesla, each Powerwall battery can… Read more »

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  • Microgrids Blog Image

    Is the Age of Supergrids about to Dawn?

    As the “make electricity here, use it here” philosophy takes hold, many trend-watchers are focused on microgrids. But supergrids are attracting attention too. The MIT Technology Review, named them one of its “10 Breakthrough Technologies,” because of their ability to utilize high-voltage direct current power lines to carry electricity much further than AC power cables… Read more »

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  • drone technology design, vector illustration eps10 graphic

    Inside Arpa-E’s $30 Million NEXTCAR Program

    What kind of automotive projects are being funded by the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Project Agency for Energy (Arpa-E)? If you scroll through a list of the projects, you’ll see that most of them have to do with the development of new automotive fuels and batteries.

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