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  • windmills-on-hill

    Deloitte Study Confirms Widespread Support of Renewable Energy

    Grace Sweeney | Infocast Events Going green is going mainstream. Deloitte’s sixth annual “Resources 2016 Study” shows a dramatic shift in how consumers, both corporate and residential view environmental responsibility. The report points out the change taking place is likely due to this idea that a collective goal to reduce emissions is now “ingrained” in… Read more »

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  • 27367652 - photovoltaic cells and high voltage post.

    CDP and the Scope 2 Guidance: What Companies Need to Know for 2016

    Amy Haddon | Renewable Choice Energy With the CDP Climate Change reporting deadline less than two weeks away (June 30), reporting organizations are deep into the 2016 questionnaire.  This year, CDP has made some material changes to its questions in order to line up with the GHG Protocol’s Scope 2 guidance —released in 2015—and to… Read more »

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  • 16828189 - concept of businessman that plans a wind turbine project

    The Call for Climate Action: Environmental Impact of PPAs

    Hans Royal | Renewable Choice Energy Responding to CDP in 2016? If so, you’ve probably seen that CDP has increased its emphasis on the value of climate action and how that translates into disclosure leadership.  CDP respondents are now being asked to set science-based goals and utilize renewable energy to take an active role in… Read more »

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  • compliance

    Blockchain for Enterprise – Focus on KYC, AML, and Regulatory Compliance – Are We Calling it RegTech?

    Nitin Gaur | Director at IBM Blockchain Labs In this long overdue post, I would like to focus on KYC, AML, and regulatory compliance. When discussing the design of the transaction systems of the future, it is necessary to consider the existing systems as a reference point.

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  • D+H

    Five Things Blockchain Must Get Right to Realize its Full and Transformative Potential (Full White Paper)

    D+H Introduction: Heralding a New Era in Financial Services In recent months, hardly a day has passed without news of further initiatives and investments in blockchain. With growing numbers of banks and other institutions now developing and trialing blockchain capabilities and applications in their innovation labs, venture capital funding is continuing to flow into blockchain… Read more »

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  • nuclear power

    Diablo Canyon Closure—What Does it Mean for the Future of Renewables

    Grace Sweeney | Infocast Events The impending closure of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plan marks the end of a chapter for energy in California. PG&E has renounced plans to renew contract’s on the facility’s two reactors. Which will expire in 2024 and 2025 respectively. In the meantime, California will need to get its renewable contracts in… Read more »

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